Project Runway Season 5. "She's Such Soggy Lettuce!" Memorable Quotes from Episode 6.





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This week, we were still mourning the loss of Kelli. Can you imagine what she could have done with this challenge? Taste level didn’t matter!

But… Farah Moans, Acid Betty, Miss Understood, and Anita Greenkard! Sequins, fringe, wings, collars, and bibb lettuce? This week was every bit as fun as expected, and helped ease us back into a Kelli-less PR existence. Although I’m still not sure it was as good as last year’s WWE Divas challenge. But maybe that was just because Michael Kors had a laughing fit during that episode. Anyway…

After choosing their models queens, the designers got down to business… oversized, feathered, sparkly, neon business. The Mood trip went down, and they bought all the tacky stuff in the store. Kenley, in a shocking move, decided to go old Hollywood, and Daniel once again talked about his elevated taste level and decided to make his dress more couture, which was absolutely irrelevant to this challenge. I was worried that Jerell was going home with his under-the-sea cocktail dress– when he started talking about his lower middle class past, I thought… backstory equals elimination. And then Suede started talking about how his late grandfather inspired his drag look, and it was sweet, but I was wondering if Suede’s granddad would have approved? Keith did more fringe, which I never liked in the first place, and didn’t Michael Kors call it toilet-paper-in-the-wind the last time he did white swatches? Bad call, Keith. And then, Tim Gunn sent the queens in for a fitting, sans makeup, which was genius. The transition is incredible! Hedda Lettuce pitched a fit about her get-up. I loved seeing Suede get a little fiesty. Queen fight!

To the runway! It was another on-week for judging, and I mostly agreed with the choices. Except for I thought Kenley’s garment was totally boring and traditional drag (if there is such a thing) and shouldn’t have made her safe. I didn’t quite get the glory of Terri‘s look until I saw its photo on It was pretty cool and intricate. I loved Korto‘s flaming hot look, and clearly Varla loved Joe‘s sailor catsuit. I had a feeling Jerell’s look was going to be in the bottom– the proportions were off, and the colors were to me, too. But Daniel’s attitude was the pits, and his dress was a throwaway. It’s like he just lost his desire to be there or be creative. What happened to the ambitious kid who made the blue solo cup dress? Did anyone else think RuPaul got kind of lost in the shuffle? She was almost… understated! Crazy.

In the end, Joe took it and Daniel got auf’d, and rightfully so! Now, for the queenlicious quotes!

It’s kinda shocking that Kelli went home so soon and Daniel always comes up safe. All the people that try to be safe every day, mmhmm, wrong strategy! – Very prescient, Korto.

Keith, Keith, Keith. I still don’t know what his aesthetic is other than swatches and strips… I dunno, are the judges blind? I have no idea what they’re thinking. – Joe. We’re glad the contestants were pissed with last week’s decision, too!

It’s Chris March! I could tell by the frickin’ laugh! He has disco balls on his tits and this huge yodeling outfit. – Suede

I’m Miss Understood, and I eat sequins for breakfast! – Miss Understood

My name is Sweetie, and I am known as New York City’s big titted honky soul momma! – Sweetie

I’m Hedda Lettuce, and if you don’t make me look prettier than Heidi, I’ll kill you. – Hedda

Since Suede has a head of ocean, he needs a head of lettuce! – Suede

I don’t need to rely on costumes… have you seen me!? – Lamay

You’re lucky you got me because if you got Hedda Lettuce, you’d have to put a bag over her head. – Miss Understood

I have to approach is as if I’m making a Halloween costume for my daughters. – Joe. Seriously, Joe, you’re making sexy retro catsuits for your daughters?

Tim, call me! – Sweetie

Put! The Boobies! On! – Blayne

Varla has actually left me her boobs and her bra which I thank her very much for. – Joe

Honey can you take your bra off, can I put it on this?
– Daniel to Kenley, who turned him down. Modesty or sabotage?

Blayne is really cute, but he knows nothing. He just knows girly-licious. What is that?
– Stella

What would your drag name be? Annoyed-licious.
– Couldn’t really tell who it was, but it sounded like Jerell, and whoever said it is a genius.

Everything’s licious. Even licious is licious. I think if I hear that word again, I’m gonna barf and that would be barflicious I guess.
– Leanne

We like a titty hanging out, I love a wardrobe malfunction!
– Terri

No one asked you, other designer! I’m gagging at the silver sequins across the room.
–  Us too, non-dragged Sweetie.

Were you being lazy with the glove? You didn’t want to put sleeves on the outfit?
– Hedda Lettuce

She’s such soggy lettuce! – Suede

Our theme was ‘Woman In Heat’. – Korto

It looks like it’s a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park!
– Tim Gunn

You can tell her you’ve been to a different rodeo, and don’t you-know-what with me, sister! – Tim Gunn

Jerell, do I look pretty? – Blayne in Daniel’s dress
You look sunkissed. – Jerell

I just have to sell this thing to her tomorrow, like I was selling vacuums door-to-door, and I hope she buys it! – Jerell

I can’t wait to see Keith’s wookie-onesie come to life on the runway. – Jerell

I think I need those boots. – Michael Kors

I keep thinking it’s kinda like a sad chicken. A molting, grey chicken. – Kors

Oh, Nina, stop! – Varla

It’s hiding the candy, it’s hiding things that we showgirls are concerned with. – RuPaul

It’s like a good bar mitzvah moment! – Kors on Jerell’s dress

I mean if I was to do something that was sparkly, I feel like I’d want to throw up looking at it. – Daniel

Hello, DRAG! You gotta make those coins, honey, you gotta make that cash. They don’t wanna be selling no hormones up in Harlem to make their rent money! – RuPaul

Until next week, I’ll leave you with these questions. Does anyone know the definition of a ‘hybrid drag queen’? And, like they asked during the commercial break, who would you rather see in drag, Tim or Kors? It’s almost impossible to choose!

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– Hayley Wells


1 thought on “Project Runway Season 5. "She's Such Soggy Lettuce!" Memorable Quotes from Episode 6.”

  1. I am so voting for Tim Gunn! Can you see prim and proper Tim with his million dollar vocab going all drag? Michael Kors doesn’t seem as big of a stretch to me. Mind you…I would kill to see both drag it out!
    Great recap Hayley!


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