Project Runway Season 5. "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins…" Memorable Quotes from the 5th Episode.


Did anyone else think it was hilarious that Daniel was lifting weights at the beginning of this episode? It seemed like that sort of randomness reigned in this week’s PR. The weird, out-of-place stuff started, of course, with Daniel’s attempt at weightlifting, followed by Heidi‘s initial crazy 80s get-up, followed by totally odd pairings of the designers in their teams, and completed by the judges, who astounded me once again with their decisions. The winner and loser were apparently chosen at random. Also so random? The fact that Blayne grew on us this week. But more on that later.

First, the challenge. The contestants were greeted in the workroom by none other than Mrs. Blue Lagoon herself, Brooke Shields, for whom they would design a look  for her TV show Sex And The City Lipstick Jungle. Brooke wanted a bohemian inspired outfit appropriate for the office that could transition to evening for her character Wendy. Like Sarah Jessica Parker before her, the star fielded 12 pitches and chose six designers’ looks for fabrication. Those six designers (Korto, Keith, Blayne, Jerell, Terri, and Kelli) chose partners, and we ended up with some crazy combos like Keith and Kenley (which I thought was a timebomb… but it never exploded) and Jerell and Stella (who meshed beautifully!) There was the usual whiney blabber of two designers (x6) trying to reconcile their creative visions and/or figure out how to throw one another under the bus. The most interesting thing that happened in the whole show was that Tim Gunn totally put Kenley in her place, because that girl was up on her high horse this week.


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And then, the runway! I thought bottom two were clear, and that the judges chose correctly… to begin with. Kelli and Daniel’s suit silhouette was not so bad, but the top and skirt were cheap and tragic. Blayne’s outfit seemed well constructed but out of place. But good golly, how Nina and Co. laid into him about those bermuda shorts! Which leads us to why Blayne grew on us this week: he stepped up and said he should go home over his partner, Leanne (another weird duo, I know). And he stood up to the judges on principle. I loved that he took a risk and stood by it. The top two were predictably Jerell/Stella and Keith/Kenley. Both had original creations that would look great on Shields.

That being said, I thought the judges got the final decisions totally wrong this week. Kelli’s look was definitely worse than Blayne’s. But clearly, the reason Kelli’s garment looked cheap was because of construction, which was Daniel’s field. He blew it on the skirt and apparently didn’t help on the shirt, either. The jacket was the most well-constructed part of the design, and Kelli did that! Furthermore, Daniel didn’t alter Kelli’s design at all or insert his voice in any way. The successful looks showcased both designers, and there was no Daniel aesthetic anywhere to be seen this week. I agree with Kelli– she was never in the bottom and had won a challenge before– she shouldn’t have been booted. Daniel, I was gunning for you.

I thought it was obvious that Jerell should have won this week. His design was beautiful, he happily incorporated Stella into his team and design, and he nailed the bohemian day-to-night transition. The colors were gorgeous, and it looked ready-to-wear. Keith’s look was cool, for sure, but I thought it looked like it needed a little tweaking. Maybe they let Brooke choose the winner? Well if so, she chose wrong. Jerell is quickly becoming my favorite– consistent, funny, nice when he should be, but willing to dish on who he thinks is struggling. Reality TV gold.

Rate_runway_kenley_keith_505_2 Rate_runway_daniel_kelli_505 Rate_runway_jerell_stella_505
The winning look, the losing look, and the should-have-won look. Click to expand.

Well, that recap got a touch long, but this week really irked me. Now, onto the quotes!

I just really don’t want it to be Hillary Clinton because I would never win if I made a neon pantsuit. – Blayne

I would like to design for Sharon Osbourne, queen of rock. She’s a business woman!
– Stella

Nothing comes between me and my Calvins…
– Suede

Flattery will get you everywhere. – Brooke Shields

I want this for my real life! Forget Wendy! – Brooke Shields

As long as I can get her to shut her mouth a little bit and stick to sewing, we’ll be good. – Keith, sounding more and more like a straight guy, on choosing Kenley as a partner.

There’s actually gonna be leather in my outfit so Stella Bopparella please step down to my left, we’re gonna work it out, use your skill set and we’re gonna tear it up! – Jerell

I dunno what he’s packing, balls or vajayjay, but he needs to work that out, cause I ain’t got no babies, ain’t nobody sucking on my titties, so please, man up! – Terri, saying possibly the crudest comment ever on PR

I just didn’t care because it was her design.
– Daniel exhibiting why he should have been auf’d.

Holla atcha boy…
– Blayne …And girl! – Leanne

Oh, she’s so cute yet so defensive!
– Keith on Kenley

I mean, it looks like a big sweet potato!
– Tim

If you’re crossing the street Joe, and I see a bus coming and you don’t see it, I can’t say ‘Well, Joe wanted to cross the street.’ No, I’m gonna pull you back and be like, there’s a bus coming! – Korto… and we still don’t understand this metaphor.

I dunno if he half-assed it the first time or what the deal was, but I feel like if I can whip out and line a jacket in a couple hours, he can freakin’ make a skirt.
– Kelli

Daniel cracks me up. He’s always constantly talking about his very elegant, sophisticated taste, but I haven’t really seen it.
– Kenley… rar!

Terri’s walking around like her sh*t don’t stink and her outfit is just off the rip, and it’s really really not.
– Jerell

I mean, hello! Slutty, slutty, slutty!
– Michael Kors to Kelli and Daniel

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– Hayley Wells


4 thoughts on “Project Runway Season 5. "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins…" Memorable Quotes from the 5th Episode.”

  1. I think what Korto meant by that analogy was she felt Joe sat back and didn’t say anything about her design until Tim chimed in.
    In other words, he didn’t try to “save” her earlier, but waited until it was almost too late.
    At least, I THINK thats what she meant…lol

  2. What’s not to understand about Korto’s comment? It would be shitty to see someone walk into an approaching bus when you see it and they don’t… You’re gonna let them walk into it just because they want to cross the street? No. Much like Joe seeing a problem with the design and not saying anything because he figured “well that’s what she wants to do”. Great recap by the way. Jerell has been my favorite all along.

  3. Okay, so that’s what I thought Korto meant. But she also mentioned that Joe was only hurting himself by not fixing the design, since she had immunity. So I thought maybe she was saying, she was saving Joe from walking into the bus, by telling him to express his opinion before it was too late, even though he kind of sold her out to Tim.
    Anyhoo, I thought the design looked about the same after they “fixed” it, but it was still alright. Glad they both made it through to next week! I’m also glad you guys are commenting! 🙂

  4. Great recap! I also found myself somehow liking the previously un-likeable Blayne this week, and I kind of think I love Jerell. He was so nice to Stella! And their outfit, I agree, was clearly the best.
    Kelli was my favorite from the get-go, and I am just SUPER MAD that she is gone. Daniel didn’t care about the design, the construction, or the challenge at all. He doesn’t even seem to care that he’s on the show. He needed to go, and I am furious that he remains while Kelli is gone. I am even more mad that Kelli is gone for “poor taste” while Stella, the Queen of leatha cropped halter tops, gets to stay. Ugh!
    My recap is here:


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