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Team_angelaSo, here it is. The winning suit from last night’s Project Runway Season 3, Episode 4, I.N.C/Macy’s Challenge. In case you have been knocked out by heat exhaustion and have no clue what happened …in a nutshell, Keith got booted for breaking the rules (which he is admittedly used to doing), Angela (whose head everybody wanted on a platter after last week’s hooker/fashion disaster) won, Bonnie was waifed and Bradly had the best quote, "I’m a squid without and ocean." Now, back to the challenge.

I thought last night’s challenge was a yawn fest, personally. Design a three piece outfit for I.N.C.’s Fall 2006 Collection (exclusively sold at Macy’s of course). All sketched, 4 ideas were chosen, those 4 designers were team leaders and executed their vision. Everyone was shocked Angela was picked, myself included. She rocked it and won. Good for her. So starting today, the outfit is available for purchase at Macy’s.
Above is the Macy’s ad for the winning outfit. Notice how the suit that looked almost black/grey is now a dark grey and the top is bubble gum pink. Clearly you have to make some concessions when mass producing a suit that cost $100 in materials for the challenge and now costs $129 for the cropped jacket, $89 for the pants, and $39 for the tee (grand total: $257).

Well I went to Macy’s to see this suit and here is what it really looks like:
It was a much lighter grey. Had they chosen even black, I might have actually liked the suit. I also went straight for the collar and the two Angela trademark ‘rosettes’ were not there. Hmmmm. (I just noticed Keith’s on the screen to the left!)


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  1. UGH! You’re so right, the finished product is awful. Also I think this enlightens the fact that it’s very hard to produce things that will read well with the mass market. It may have something to do with the materials also, but the suit just does not do the same justice that it did on the runway. That seems to be one of the biggest differences between runway and reality. I hope they teach that at Parsons!


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