Pret Reporteur: Livin' On A Wedge

Despite coming from a family of giants (my “shortest” sibling is 5’10”), I clock in at a humble 5’4″. And although I don’t have a complex about my height, it does provide apt foundation for my proclivity for wedges — in my opinion, the greatest shoe ever. Unlike heels, wedges can be comfortably worn all day long, and there’s something about the girth of their excessive platform that is ideal for statement-making. Heels, of course, make powerful impressions of their own, but for everyday style that keeps you effortlessly sartorial, the wedge is queen. Here’s what I’ll be stomping around in come fall.
1. Senso Acacia Pony Wedge, $214.95
When these  Senso wedges popped up on my Tumblr the other day I about fell off my chair. I love the boldness of the graphic black and white stripes, and the dip where the platform meets the heel in the back that looks like a pair of lips pursed for a kiss. That same effect is mirrored at the toe of the shoe — who doesn’t love a pair of shoes that are perpetually kissing the world? Bold, architecturally interesting, and, with a 5.25 inch platform, the perfect height. I’m hopelessly in love.
2. Messeca Coraline, 169.95
I adore leather wedges with wooden platforms, and this three-banded coral number from Messeca is a beautiful shoe. Personally, I’m all about employing coral as an offbeat neutral, and the Coraline’s bright hue is ideal for spring to fall. The darling little peep toe is on point for sporting your new summer pedicure (I’d love it with lime green), or to be paired, in bold contrast, with black tights in the chillier months. No matter what, you’ll be flying high in these babies, which also weigh in with a solid five inch heel.
3. Kelsi Dagger Huette, $149
I can’t help it. I’m really coveting a leopard wedge. Animal prints are the type of trend you can keep forever, even if you end up hating the item every other year. What I love about these Kelsi Daggers is the two-toned spin on a very classic animal print — an update with an edge. The high bootie makes it ideal for fall and winter, and I love how the leopard print wraps around enough of the heel that it peeks out from behind the black wedge from the back. Plus, they’re synthetic! Even PETA would approve.
4. Chloé Platform Sandal, $695
Every closet must contain black and neutral options of your favorite shoe style, and this camel brown Chloé platform sandal is a gorgeous neutral wedge — it’s no secret that Chloé stands for all things chic. I really love how the delicate double ankle strap and bow are juxtaposed against the weight of the platform — the elongation of the shoe up the leg resembles the grace of a dancer in profile.  Unlike my leopard indulgence up above, these platform wedges will never go out of style. An ideal investment wedge.
5. Jeffrey Campbell “Skate” Bootie, $199.95
How fun are these guys? Although I tend to prefer black shoes to white, I love the architecture of this heel and its resemblance to an ice skate. Jeffrey Campbell is always a great choice for eccentric designs that won’t break your bank, but will always make a statement — and there’s no doubt that you’ll be turning heads all over the place in these babies. The open toe keeps it fresh (I’m such a sucker for it), and I appreciate that the bootie doesn’t go too high up on the leg, flattering the ankle and keeping those gorgeous cutouts in the spotlight.
— Amanda Aldinger
Image layout: Molly Murphy

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