S/He Said: OPI Iceland Collection for Fall/Winter 2017

My Los Angeles business partner Susan and I were chatting about the upcoming fall fashion season before Susan headed off to a manicure and we decided to take a good look at OPI’s offerings for Fall/Winter 2017. This season, OPI is launching its Iceland Collection with all the tongue in cheek names you have come to expect from this trendsetting brand.OPI Iceland Collection for Fall Winter 2017Here’s a transcript of our office banter:

OPI Iceland Collection for Fall Winter 2017
OPI Iceland Collection for Fall Winter 2017 Less is Norse
Less is Norse

AS: Lincoln Park After Dark has been my favorite go-to color for the longest time, because it goes from lunchtime meetings to after dinner dancing flawlessly. I am so excited over Less is Norse, as it adds a little extra edge that says, “I am making this deal…don’t mess with me!” It also takes the place of my latest summer color addiction Gelato on My Mind (baby blue). So, I don’t have to give up on blue nails, which made me squeal silently in delight every time I looked at them. Today is manicure day and it will be Less is Norse!

JU: Well then, we clearly have a winner! I love dark nails but sometimes black black just looks too Goth in the LA sunshine. This is the perfect variation. My BMW is an M Class only color called Carbon that shifts from dark metallic blue to black, depending on the lighting. How could I not love this color?


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OPI Iceland Collection for Fall Winter 2017
Aurora Berry-Alis

JU: I just love a pop of color – especially in a fall fashion season when the color palette is slightly drab. This berry color is the perfect contrast to this season’s must-have arm candy: the white hand bag [YES – that is a shameless plug for my Male Box article this month.] Imagine how chic you’ll look reaching for your Chloe Nile bracelet bag with your nails perfectly manicured in Aurora Berry-Alis!

AS: Everyone should wear this color this season, if for no other reason than the name. I normally don’t indulge in pink nails, but I will definitely try this color. It has enough depth and drama to make me feel like I’m creating an au courant fashion statement, without looking “last season”. I think this is the perfect transition from Summer to Fall, as the leaves start to turn. I could see this paired with everything from winter white to gray and even black to add that extra sparkle to almost any outfit. I would also love seeing it on my toes peeping out of my new Louboutin Aketatas.

OPI Iceland Collection for Fall Winter 2017 Suzi & the Arctic Fox
Suzi & the Arctic Fox

JU: After possibly my preppiest summer ever – think seersucker and embroidered lobsters – I personally can’t wait to see and wear fall fashion. My all-black winter months have shortened to a few weeks in January since I moved to LA, but I can see LA’s chicest women rocking this purple hue whether sporting their fave LBD or the most stylish all-black looks of the season.

AS: As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, I can’t wait to wear the Arctic Fox. I would actually love to wear it today, but I have to “save it” for that a special time of year, possibly the Holidays. I know when I start wearing it, I won’t stop. It will be new go to. I imagine snow blowing on a blustery NYC night, my Saga fox coat keeping me toasty warm as my new favorite Chanel fall Amber Square glasses protect my eyes from winter glare and red carpet flashes. Unlike Joseph, although I have embraced the LA lifestyle, I still have a closet overflowing with black, gray and neutrals – and this is the perfect addition.

OPI Iceland Collection for Fall Winter 2017 Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots
Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots

JU: This color is simply divine. I know most of us have traumatic flashbacks to the mauve drenched interiors of 1980s houses, but, trust me, this is not your mother’s mauve. It’s the perfect complement to your paramour’s latest tribute, whether it be the rose gold Cartier Love bracelet or a rose gold Bentley Continental GT convertible. If you don’t have either, get the right polish and the accessories will follow!

AS: Joseph and I joke (sort of) that your nail polish should always match your Bentley. If you don’t own a Bentley, this might attract that perfect man who does. Okay, so maybe he has to trade in the Ferarri. I think this is another transitional color that could be a favorite that you might end up wearing all winter. I could see a platinum blonde really rocking this color. Normally, although, I normally don’t indulge in anything mauve, well because it’s not black, this has enough brown and earthtones to work for me and actually is a terrific neutral to pull everything together a very sophisticated style.


My Los Angeles business partner Susan and I share a New York fashion background and in many ways have become a lifestyle resource to our new found friends since we both moved here about 3 years ago. Susan broke up her transcontinental move from NYC to LA with a stint in Cincinnati. While there, she built a successful business in between supporting the Cincinnati arts scene – from the ballet to the opera – and dabbling in the Lexington horsey lifestyle. Here in LA, we are taking the business lunch scene by storm and our Facebook live broadcasts are developing quite the following among the sleek and stylish.

Stay tuned for our next report from the Left Coast… until then, stay chic!

By Susan Asch & Joseph Ungoco

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