No More Muffin Top Tights

Nothing is scarier than thinking your midsection is a bit… bigger than intended. No one wants to see the dreaded “muffin top” spilling out over her jeans. And after all that holiday eating, it is almost inevitable. You tell yourself you’re going to the gym (Really! Going this weekend!) and starvation dieting is taking it’s toll on you. Those abs are not coming back as quickly as you wanted, but there is a short term solution: No More Muffin Top Tights from Milk & Honey.
Why wear regular tights when you can wear a pair that controls your tummy?  I was surprised to find that the tights were a bit softer than regular tights that I am used to. And though they were softer, they were still very durable. After wearing them all night, there was nary a rip or run in sight. They do have a bit of a sheen so if you’re more into the opaque look, these probably aren’t for you.
And through my body-conscious dress, you could not even tell where the tights began! With a new revolutionary technology, the patented waistband laid flat against my stomach with no noticeable line. And the greatest thing of all for my 6 foot frame… they were long enough! Finding tights that fit are almost as hard as finding jeans with a long enough inseam. I could pop the tights on and they fit like a dream. For that reason alone, I would buy another pair. I’m hoping for more colors and designs soon! Get on it, Milk and Honey! And at $14.99, it’s easier to pop those on when it’s way too cold to go to the gym.
You can try your own pair from the Milk and Honey Shoes website!
– Taneisha Jordan

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