No More Four-Eyes: Chic Reading Glasses

Chic Reading Glasses Eyewear
So you may need glasses – for reading, for using a computer for long periods of time, or any other detailed type of work. Or you may just need to wear them in general, so you need a variety of options that frame your face properly and work with your wardrobe and personal style.
Either way, glasses shouldn’t be considered a style negative or a fashion problem to be solved, but rather a fun way to top off your look – and they can also be an interesting element to change up according to your mood and ensemble.
Go Big And Bold. Large black or tortoiseshell frames can definitely be viewed as nerdy, but geeks are cool and these definitely make a statement. If you only use your glasses for reading or similar activities, these ICU glasses from Target are a great choice – and they come in a set of three, so you can keep pairs at home, in the office, and anywhere else you may need them. If you want to splurge, however, these Porsche Design frames have perfect proportions.
Or Small And Delicate. On the other hand, you may want glasses that accent your look, not dominate it. That’s when you can go for a more refined pair like these by L.B.K. Designs Corvette. Functional yet stylish, these may be the ideal solution for those of us who need glasses but don’t want them to take center stage.
Precious Metals. Dark neutrals are great for many situations, but sometimes you want glasses that will simply blend into the background and let the rest of your look shine. This is when slim gold, rose gold, or silver frames can be ideal – choose your favorite metal (or get a pair in every shade). We like these Safilo Design glasses which come in a variety of metallic hues, and would be a flattering shape on most faces.
Rainbow Palette. A woman needs choices! While neutral colors are useful and go with everything – and a good starting point for your eyeglass collection, picking flattering or fun colors can be a great way to change things up. This Gabriel + Simone tortoiseshell pair with turquoise temples or this deep pink Porsche Design pair are both interesting – and much less “safe” (read: “boring”) than the traditional neutrals.
Get Feline. While cat eye glasses can easily veer into the costume-y vintage territory – which is cool if that’s your thing – they can also be extremely flattering depending on your face shape. This burgundy pair by Boutique Design is an ideal choice – they have the classic shape without being overly retro.
Glasses don’t have to be an obstacle to being fashionable – they can be just another fabulous accessory! Need more ideas? Take a cue from famously well-attired characters, celebrities and general style icons who wear glasses, and make your optical needs part of your unique personal look.
1. ICU 3-Pack Women’s Reading Glasses, $14.99
2. Porsche Design P 8190 – Carbon Black, now $305.99
3. L.B.K. Designs Corvette – Matte Brown, now $89.91
4. Safilo Design Eyeglasses Safilo Design 2200-203, now $140.66
5. Gabriel + Simone Reading Glasses – Jolie Turqoise, now $15.99
6. Porsche Design P 8242 – Matte Silver-Raspberry, now $399.90
7. Boutique Design RB 577 – C.1 BURGUNDY, now $131.99
–Jacqueline Zenn
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