New York Fashion Week Fall '09. Tracy Reese's Sexy Schoolgirl

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Summery: Tracy Reese said "Post-Impressionist portraits, namely by Vuillard, Van Gogh and Modiglian" were the inspiration for her Fall '09 collection. For her legions of fans this translated into to hot for teacher adult school girl clothes. At least the accessories were reminiscent of prep-school replete with knee socks, knit caps and geek chic glasses. But let's talk about the clothes. The Tracy Reese signature beautifully patterned frocks were aplenty, many paired with chunky sweaters or menswear style jackets. There were also a few as were a few beautifully draped knit dresses. Was there anything really new? No, but why mess with a sure thing. This isn't the time if you want your clothes to sell. Her fans will be pleased. Pretty always sells.

Color Palette: pink, saffron, mauve, red, rose, taupe, berry, lilac, purple, green, copper, blue, brown, grey, black

Fabrics & Textures: silk, chiffon, wool, cashmere, tweed, lace, leather, fur, knee socks, knit caps

Key Looks: pink, red and black silk dress with drop waist ruffled hem; lilac chunky knit, short sleeved sweater dress; lilac and black silk top with heather grey pleated pants; copper menswear pant suit; floral pattern chiffon gown with a menswear tuxedo jacket.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: WWD

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