New York Fashion Week Spring ’13: Kimberly Ovitz’s Raw Appeal and Creative Layering


Summary: Many times, the sight of a dirt-smothered runway is an indication that the collection you’re about to view will be along the lines of “tribal-inspired.” That’s not the case for Kimberly Orvitz’s Spring 2013 collection though! Orvitz was inspired by “Almagul Menlibayeva’s thought-provoking belief that you can create your own mythology.” Her collection is a reflection of traditional nomadic garbs, brought to life in modern times with raw edges, layered drapery, and abstract prints.
Orvitz stuck with a neutral color palette, with varying shades of brown touched with angelic hues of white and silver. While this is a risky move that can make a collection appear b-o-r-i-n-g, Orvitz adds extra flare with innovative layering techniques, such as a geometric-cut crop jacket atop a mesh dress. Orvitz did add a spot of color with an emerald dress and skirt-and-top combo. A color that truly popped on that dirt-finished runway.
Orvitz’s use of sheer and delicate fabrics added extra femininity and grace to the finished styles. The models glided down the “dirty” runway not in sky-high stilettos, but barefoot – like a true nomad. The steady drumbeat background tempo was the perfect finishing touch in creating a sense of zen travel.
Colors: Silver, white, emerald, ivory, and varying shades of nude.
Fabrics & Textures: Shibori style silks, wet jersey, linen, and mesh.
Key Looks: Pale nude Shiban Macrame gown; White Jailili crop jacket atop a white dulat textured dress and white azeris mesh dress; Emerald Rouran dress.
– Laurie Espino

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