New York Fashion Week Fall '09. Tibi's Russian Fairytale

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Summary: Designer Amy Smilovic was inspired by Tsars, enchanted birds and Russian folklore for her Tibi Fall '09 Collection. "Fall is about a light hearted moodiness influenced by the Russian fairytale "The Tale of the Firebird." 

Before the show I had some time to peruse the program of 36 looks to be presented and I was genually excited. Garments with names like Tolstoy, Odessa, Yelena, Tatiana and Duniasha spoke to my Russian roots. What came down the runway was a times very pretty, but basically a let down. If you put giant fur hats and cuffs with any clothes I suppose they could look Russian. I truly liked the peplum jacket and coat, some of the silk prints and I loved the yellow Anastasia dress with black beading around the waist. My friend Adriana Nova commented the collection looked like "Studio 54 in Moscow." I also adored the black suede shoes with black ruffle which I assumed were Prada, but were Tibi. Again, not original, but lovely. A remake of the George Michael song 'Careless Whisper' replayed over and over and by the fifth time, I was ready to bolt out the door and am still unable to get it out of my head.

Color Palette: ivory, yellow, mustard, pink, hot pink, raspberry, red, dark violet, purple, chartreuse, teal, electric blue, blue, gold, grey, black

Fabrics & Textures: silk, wool, stretch wool, fur, lace, jacquard, embroidery, beading, firebird print, paisley

Key Looks: Purple fluer asymmetrical dress; Zarina riding coat with peplum; Tolstoy lace borcade coat; Ivana color block dress; Firebird print one shoulder dress; yellow Anastasia with black beading dress; Black Haute Bourgeouis beaded sheath dress; hot pink snowmaiden gown

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: WWD

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