New York Events. "UNDONE" with Miles Aldridge and Kim Crawford Wines

The cool thing about New York is that at any given time in any given place, something artsy and out of the box is happening. On one particular night recently, the most unique of these events was taking place at Lake Cedar Studios in the Meatpacking District. Kim Crawford Wines teamed up with photographer Miles Aldridge for a live installation called, “UNDONE.” Dubbed as “An extraordinary photography experience,” the loft-style studio space was redesigned into an interesting series of vignettes.
Live models, dressed in appropriate garb for their environment, lingered and lounged against the specifically styled backdrops. There was little correlation between each “scene”, but each was beautiful in it’s own way. One was an Enchanted Forest akin to ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’; one seemed a retro kitchen from the Seventies, complete with Studio 54-looking models and an ice sculpture of a panther to keep the wine chilled; one seemed a decadent boudoir, resplendent in white with a candelabras and a perfectly skewed chandelier.
But the scene that was drew the most attention, at least for the first part of the evening, was a recreation of what resembled an 18th century parlor, complete with an indoor swing and a powdered-wigged servant pouring Kim Crawford wine from a picture frame. The reason this scene caused such a tizzy was that Miles Aldridge himself had set up a photog station to snap the live scene and turn it into a piece of digital wall art!
The studio space was abuzz with activity, from DJs to drag queens. It was an interesting atmosphere to say the least, and as the event suggested, the best thing to do was stand pack and snap a few shots! So that’s just what I did, while sipping delicious Kim Crawford Wines of course, and loved every minute of it. Enjoy!

An Elvin girl and boy read and take notes in their enchanted forest

The most fabulous guest in the room enjoying Kim Crawford


The real life scene of the Pink Parlor, before turned into digital art

And....after being turned into digital art!

The Lord and Lady of the White Room

The trees in the Enchanted Forest

Kim Crawford Wine tags on the beautiful crystal glasses

An ice sculpture beast keeps sentinel over the Kim Crawford

The groovy owners of the ice sculpture

Bedazzled is always better

Golden truffles

The "fallen" chandelier from the White Room

-Alia Rajput
Photo Source: Second City Style

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