Michael Aram Interview: 25th Anniversary Collections At Neiman Marcus Chicago

Michael_Aram_25th_Annivrsary_Collection Luxury home décor designer Michael Aram was in Chicago last Thursday at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue. He was in town showcasing his newest collections for spring 2014. Michael Aram’s 25th Anniversary Commemorative Collection is a retrospective selection of his favorite functional pieces culled from his archives of the past 25 years. Now through April 15th you can view and order his large sculptures from Michael Aram’s 25th Anniversary Atelier Collection on the 4th floor at Neiman Marcus in Chicago. It is on display as part of a countrywide traveling exhibit celebrating the milestone and you must see it while it is here!
Michale_Aram_Outdoor_Cairn_25th_Anniversary-Atelier Collection
Cairn, outdoor sculpture, Atelier Collection
Bone, Atelier Collection
Michael Aram Snail Bowl, $149
As a fan of his work I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet Michael Aram! Lauren has met him a few times and was excited for me to meet him as well. He was very down-to-earth and sweet and it was a pleasure to meet the artist behind the pieces I have seen and admired for 25 years!
I’m with Michael Aram
SCS: I own a piece of yours that was a gift and I adore it … a small silver lily pad tray with a stem pedestal.  Michael Aram: Yes – I know the piece you have … and I still love it and use it. And it’s not like I have every piece I ever made in our home, either. For company we’ll go down to store and buy little cupcakes and put them on the tray and it looks so beautiful. You can also stack the smaller and larger trays to make tiers. SCS: I heard you can actually put some of the pieces … in the dishwasher? Michael Aram: Yes, use them! I want my pieces to be functional and practical. You can put your tray in the dishwasher … It’s stainless steel. SCS: I love the humor in your pieces and was wondering how you manage to still keep them looking beautiful and … serious? Michael Aram: (laughing) I really don’t think about this at all. Yes, other editors have said the same thing – that my pieces can easily cross the line into becoming kitch, but they don’t!
Michael Aram Footed Ice Bucket & Cold Hands Ice Tongs, $395
Michael Aram Neptune Bowl, $395 and Michael Aram Cat & Mouse Cheese Board, $195
SCS: Like the Footed Ice Bucket with human feet, or the Cat & Mouse Cheese tray … they are fun and whimsical but they still look so elegant. Michael Aram: I like to work with irony. “Freedom” – the gate we have composed of keys is an example. A gate typically is for security but could also symbolize locking out those around us. This gate has no lock, yet it is made up of many keys. The are two love birds at the top come together and kiss when the gates are closed. Safety comes from within ourselves and our ability to love.
Freedom, Atelier Collection
  See Michael Aram’s 25th Anniversary Commemorative Collection at Neiman Marcus in Chicago through April 15th. Shop Michael Aram at Neiman Marcus. – Carol Calacci Photos: Second City Style

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