Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall ’13: Chado Ralph Rucci Dazzles With Fur, Leather, and Lots of Color

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Summary: It takes a lot to receive a standing ovation at the tents of Fashion Week… but a standing ovation is exactly what designer Chado Ralph Rucci received at the end of his Fall 2013 show at the tents of Lincoln Center.
What gained this reaction from the audience? Well, Chado Ralph Rucci’s Fall 2013 showed a gorgeous selection of bright colors in luxe fabrics like fur, leather, silk, and tulle. Yes, a very risky move; however, with Rucci’s reputation for attention to detail, it was perfectly executed.  Not to shy away from attention, Rucci so smartly displayed a collection of chubby mink coats in chrome yellow, shocking pink, and navy blue at the beginning of the show. No doubt, this set the mood for what could be expected for the rest of the show.
No doubt Rucci loved color for the fall, but one color in particular was given extra attention: jewel-toned purple. The royal hue can be spotted not just in outerwear made of cashmere, wool, and leather; but also in day pieces such as a violet cashmere halter, chiffon and leather tunic-pant set, and a double face bias wool gown with tulle insets. Yes, it seemed that Rucci found a way to incorporate the romantic violet in just about all of his pieces.
In all, Ralph Ricci has managed to Wow! us yet again with a collection that gorgeously constructed, intricately designed, and beautifully crafted for a classic woman for any event.
Textures and Fabrics: Fur, wool, cashmere, lace, jersey, chiffon, velvet, leather, and silk.
Colors: Violet, black, citrus, chestnut, winter white, navy, charcoal, and shocking pink.
Key Looks: Black and mesh matte jersey gown; Knitted paillette dress with feathers; Matelassé and chiffon dress; and Violet double face wool gown with tulle insets.
-Laurie Espino

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