Louis Vuitton Launches Mon Monogram

Now your Louis Vuitton luggage or Speedy doesn't have to look like every other bag on the block or at the airport. Louis Vuitton has just launched its Mon Monogram personalization service on louisvuitton.com. You can create and order on-line a unique Monogram canvas bag customized with initials and colored stripes to make your bag unique. Like Goyard, but better looking.

LV_mono_PEGASE Until now personalization was only available in a limited number of flagship stores worldwide. It doesn't stop there, the brand new PERSONALIZATION section of louisvuitton.com also provides details of Louis Vuitton's traditional customization services, including special orders, hot-stamping and painting.

You are now able to click on your choice of up to three initials and vertical or diagonal stripes in a palette of 17 different colors, then simulate how the design you have created – a virtual one-off, given that there are more than 200 million possible combinations – will look on your selected bag. Currently you may only personalize the Speedy handbag, the Keepall travel bag, or the Pégase 55 wheeled cabin case. If they ever offer the Neverfull, I may relent.One can only hope.


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Once you approve the Mon Monogram bag you have created, you may either order it on-line in countries with an E-SHOPPING facility on their website (France, Italy, Germany, the UK, the US and Japan), or print out the simulation and take it to a Louis Vuitton store offering the Mon Monogram service, details of which are provided by a convenient store locator on the site. Orders are delivered within eight weeks.

Shop Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram here.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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