New York's Knock-off Handbag Sellers Are Getting Crafty


Most kitchens are stocked with food, but the kitchens in Chinatown are loaded with knock-off bags. That’s the new sneaky system knockoff-bag hawkers are now using. Selling purses out of the back of stores was just too obvious.
Now the hawkers sell fake bags from nearby vans and apartments with some help from their smart phones. Yet, just when the hawkers thought they were getting more clever, retired NYPD detective Bill Ryan was on the case to learn their latest system.
The NY Post went undercover with Ryan and discovered the hawkers use their smart phones to keep photos and logs of all the bags they sell. Customers browse the selection of bags by scrolling through the contact list on the phones. When a seller taps the name, a photo of a knock-off appears. About ten minutes after the customer makes a selection and hands over the cash, someone delivers the bag.
What a great, smart system huh?…Not! Fortunately, Ryan and his team are gathering evidence to stop the hackers for good just as new legislation threatens to punish people who buy the knock-offs. That’s right. You could be fined or jailed for even buying one.
Those who buy counterfeit goods probably don’t realize the harm they’re causing, Ryan said.“These bags are made by child labor and involve terrorism and organized crime. That’s a high price for a fake bag,” he said.
We’re keeping a close watch on this one. We want to see this illegal system terminated ourselves. Fakes are lame.
-Najja Parker
Source & Photo: NY Post

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