Kim Kardashian Proves You Can't Ignore Your Pregnancy

Kim Kardashian out and about in NYC yesterday
Kim Kardashian out and about in NYC yesterday

I swore I would not mention the name “Kardashian” on this site ever again…and here I go. Going back on my word. Yet, how could I resist? When I went to pick up my NY Post this morning on my daily morning dog walk, I nearly gagged when I saw the front page. Not only is Kim beginning to look frighteningly like her mother…she is an insult to pregnant women everywhere. I am NOT going to poke fun at her weight gain during her pregnancy, because Lord knows I gained a ton during both of mine. That would not be fair, mean and hypocritical. I am however appalled at her fashion decisions which have made her the butt (pun intended) of not only fashion critics, but everyone’s jokes. You don’t need to be an expert in fashion to know Kim is having a hard time accepting she is indeed pregnant.
There is nothing wrong with trying to keep your sexy on while pregnant. I didn’t, but if you want to show some leg, cleavage, your bump or whatever else makes you feel good, then go for it. Yet, murdering a beautiful $3,000 Lanvin dress and making it look this ridiculous is absolutely the last straw for me! It’s a major crime of fashion. One should not squeeze into designer clothing when one is six months pregnant! Unless of course you are one of those freaks of nature who doesn’t show until month seven! Kim is not one of those freaks, she’s more like one of us…which is what makes this extra offensive!
The article said “the star has been criticized recently for her terrible taste in maternity wear, New York fashion experts said this look crossed the line.” Really? What taste in maternity wear? She doesn’t wear maternity clothing. I would venture a guess she doesn’t own any.
Earlier this month stylist Mary Alice Stephenson imparted some sage advice for Kim in the NY Post which resonated with me, but was obviously lost on Kim. Stephenson suggested she tone down her fashion obsession, “I suggest that Kim do what I did: Gain like 70 pounds and wear a muumuu.” She continued, “I just retreated to my kitchen and my TV room and didn’t go out and just took care of myself and my baby. It doesn’t really matter what she’s wearing, she’s a curvy woman and you gain weight when pregnant. Most actresses and supermodels are anorexic — most of them don’t gain enough weight to have a healthy pregnancy . . . People need to support pregnant women no matter who they are.”
I could not agree more! I ate Crumbs cupcakes like it was my job and watched more TV than a human should while pregnant! OK, with the first one. I was a little healthier with the second one.
Our friend, stylist Sydne Summer commented, “The worst is when she’s wearing fitted waists, like a peplum dress or skirt. It’s just not something you do when you’re pregnant.’’ Summer is not a mother and knows this! What is Kim’s excuse?
What upsets me most is that Kim is obviously uncomfortable being pregnant and is doing everything to basically ignore it. Which makes me wonder how fit of a mother she will be. Will she continue to run around the world with her boyfriend, leaving the child to be reared by nannies 24/7? You don’t have to love being pregnant, but you have to accept it. Yes, maternity clothes are the worst, but you only have to wear them a short time and then you can burn them. The child, however, isn’t going anywhere. At least for 18 years!
Read the NY Post’s “Pregnant Kim Kardashian dressed to ill in NY City” by Kirsten Fleming and Kate Sheehy
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Source & Photo: NY Post

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