Kate Moss Officially Unveils Last Collection for Topshop, Available in Stores Today!

Kate Moss at her Topshop party

Good-bye Kate, its been fun! Style icon turned designer Kate Moss unveiled her last official collection for Topshop at the brand’s Oxford Circus flagship in London last night. A crowd of about 200 shoppers attended, grabbing as much of the final line as they could carry. 

The collection, made up of 109 styles, will be sold in Topshop stores worldwide starting today! Topshop owner Sir Philip Green said despite the Moss's final final call as a designer, he and the supermodel would continue working together. “I’m not going anywhere and neither is she,” he said.

Pieces from Kate Moss's last collection for Topshop


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"This collection still works, and our relationship hasn’t ended. But we now need to go away for a while, and think about how to do things differently. This collection takes a lot of hard work — she wants to do other things and so do I — but our relationship is as strong as ever.” 

The new collection features some of Moss’ bestsellers and some limited-edition items. The bulk of the collection is comprised of new styles and includes sequined jackets, embroidered or fur-trimmed dresses, dramatic black feather stoles, fitted cardigans and lots of Moss's signature flower-print dresses. Green said the collection was set to remain on the London shop floor for three to four weeks — if it doesn’t sell out sooner, which begs the question of how long it could last in the U.S. stores as well. So……let's go shopping!

Article Source: WWD

Photo Source: WWD, myfashionlife.com

-Alia Rajput

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