Kardashians by Bebe Could be Ending Really Soon


When Bebe is contemplating telling you it's time to hit the bricks, you might want to consider that "career" in fashion you keep trying to shill.

Though Bebe launched its Kardashian line only earlier this year, they might not be there from much longer. Emilia Fabricant, president of Bebe, told WWD at the preview of its Kardashians by Bebe line that time could be running out for the reality "starlets".

“The sisters do still have relevance,” said Fabricant, “but at Bebe we need to move with fashion and we want to be first in the fashion world with everybody else and not fall behind. We are definitely assessing the situation.”

What she meant to say was: "Yes, we are as sick of them as you are. Their current social relevancy timer reads 14:58."

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: WWD
Photos: coutureinthecity.com

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