Blahnik Tonic. A Trend to Avoid? Jelly Shoes


I took the day off this past Wednesday to meet a friend for some luxury window shopping. We browsed in stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren, etc. and noticed a disturbing trend…expensive jelly shoes! Seriously? Would you really spend nearly $200 on a pair of Gucci rubber shoes? If so, you need to have your head examined. They are a small step about Crocs and we all know how I feel about those! For one, my feet sweat just thinking about them, they don't look comfortable. Two, they remind me of camp….when I was 12! We wore jelly shoes in the shower! Please avoid this trend. It screams fashion victim…and that you don't want to spend $600 for the real shoe.

1.Jimmy Choo ‘Maui’ Jelly Thong Sandal, $175 


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2. Burberry T-strap Jelly Sandal, $125

3. Gucci “bikini” Flat Thong Sandals, $195

4. See by Chloé Ankle-Strap Sandals, $125

5. Jack Rogers ‘Jelly’ Sandal, $54.95

6. Melissa Ultragirl Flat, $69

7. Gucci Etretat Rubber Flats, $160

8. Tory Burch Jelly Reva Ballet Flats, $95

9. Marc Jacobs Jelly Mouse Shoes, $160

10. Melissa Campana Corallo Webbed Jelly Flats, $80

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Image Layout: Minette Higden

2 thoughts on “Blahnik Tonic. A Trend to Avoid? Jelly Shoes”

  1. Don’t you think it is ironic that House of Style is kicking off this weekend and one of their “top ten most wanted trends” are jellies? Obviously all trends have to be taken in moderation. However, I happen to think a cute pair of rubber flats would be a great alternative to rain boots on a warm day.
    I hope next time you will keep an open mind and be a little more creative on your trend reports.

  2. Sorry Halie,
    We totally disagree. Just because the House of Style thinks they are a top 10 trends does not mean jelly shoes are cool. We stand behind our trend report. We still think they scream fashion victim and are a total waste of money.


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