In Honor of Marilyn Monroe The Drybar Is Offering “The Old Fashioned” All August

My “Marilyn” blowout at Drybar
A better picture of the Old Fashioned
As an homage to the late, great Marilyn Monroe (August 5th was the 50th anniversary of her death), Drybar is offering a new style for a limited time. Throughout the month of August, customers can get “The Old Fashioned” at all Drybar locations.

Sit back, relax, grab a glass of bubbly (on them!) and get distracted by some of Marilyn’s classics from the Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Forever Marilyn: The Blu-ray Collection (in stores July 31st) streaming throughout the shop. So last Friday I thought I would give this blowout a try. Besides, I love all things Marilyn and I adore bubbly. I could not have picked a hotter or more humid day so the picture above is the best my hair looked (which was taken right before I stepped outside and ruined it)! Yanni styled my hair using a flatiron to curl my hair (yes, curl) and dry shampoo instead of hairspray (I hate hairspray). Yanni was amazing and I will definitely go back to him in the fall when the weather is more hair-friendly. The experience at the Drybar is not to be missed. Check out this super cute video they created in honor of the new ‘do. OldFashionedAnimation from drybar on Vimeo. For more info and to find locations visit: – Lauren Dimet Waters Disclosure: Service given for review.

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