How To Wear A Corset In Real Life

Corsets are one of the sexiest pieces that has been around through the ages. An item saved for under tight dresses or only revealed in the boudoir now can come out and play in the day. 

Take note from this lovely lady wearing a sexy corset with a boyfriend blazer and a ladylike floral skirt. This look would be great at a more casual office with a tee over your corset and then when the work is done, ditch the tee and show some skin. 

To keep this look lady-like and avoiding looking like you forgot your shirt, make sure to keep all pieces in check. Make sure the cups on your corset keep your chest contained and your skirt fun and full.

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Picnik collage

Gap Lightweight Crepe Blazer $98.00

Kiki de Montparnasse Sheer Corset Top $350.00

Talbots Belle Flower Full Skirt $129.00

– Kat Bremhorst

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