Gel Manicures? Who Needs Them When You Have Perfect Formula Manicure Booster

Perfect Formula Manicure Booster, primer and sealer
Gel manicures are great in theory, but they wreak havoc on the health of your nails. It’s almost worth the risk, because who doesn’t want their manicure to last 2-3 weeks? Vacations are so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to give your manicure a second thought. Now I have learned through experience that a shellac doesn’t do quite the same damage as gel, but I recently experienced complete breakage when I did back-to-back shellac manicures, so I have given my weak nails a much needed break…and now I have to give myself a polish change every 3 days between bi-monthly manicures. Well, that was until I tried Perfect Formula Manicure Booster.

This durable clear coat doubles the life of your manicure without causing the damage or removal inconvenience of a gel manicure! Manicure Booster is a simple to use two-in-one product – it primes and seals polish by serving as both the base coat and top coat. This ingenious new mani-saver creates a thick protein-rich (music to my ears) coating over natural nails so that polish can effectively adhere. It then provides a glossy, protective seal over the polish to prevent chipping with a super strong seal. You can literally feel the difference as soon as you use it! In fact, after a recent salon manicure where it wasn’t used as a base coat, I applied Manicure Booster as soon as I got home and I am proud to report that after 5 days, my nails don’t have one chip and are still super glossy! I’m so excited I couldn’t wait to share this product with my other weak nail sufferers…we share the same frustration.

Simply apply Manicure Booster to clean, dry nails. Then apply two coats of your favorite polish and finish with one more coat of Manicure Booster and let dry. That’s it.
Manicure Booster may not be a miracle product, but it’s darn close! Better yet, it not only ensures your manicure lasts twice as long, it makes your nails stronger instead of weaker. It’s formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates too.
You can thank me later…
Perfect Formula Manicure Booster, $21
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Sample provided for review, but opinions are entirely my own.

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