The Fashionable Foodie. Sprinkles Cupcakes Opens In Chicago June 26th


Sprinkles had a grand opening party and Second City Style got a taste of the good things to come! The shop officially opens on Monday July 26th! All I can say is "mmmm." And what a great stop near all of the shopping at 50 East Walton Street. My future plan is simple: buy shoes and then eat a cupcake at Sprinkles.



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First we tried a chai latte cupcake. A moist, delicious and light cake with thick frosting that was sweet and just yummy! Okay, I am not exactly a food critic but layman's terms should work here! The event drew a great crowd that spilled into the sidewalk. Champagne was flowing and the wonderful service continually filled our glasses with a choice of pink or white Veuve Clicquot. Tray upon tray of truly satisfying cupcakes were served. You needed to split them to taste more than one. I was told by a friendly server that I must try the red velvet and It was divine! The best red velvet cake I have ever had!

Sprinkes co-founder Candace Nelson and Parveen Werner from Callebaut Chocolates, which is one of the fine and natural ingredients that goes into Sprinkles cupcakes.


Cupcakes lined up and ready to go…into our mouths! Just a note. You can order an "extra shot" of frosting for 75 cents. It's on their menu!

Candace Nelson and me with stacks of cupcake boxes above us.

Candace told me loves fashion and the idea of being featured on The Fashionable Foodie! Now that they opened a Sprinkles in town, she said will be in Chicago from time-to-time! And guess what? I plan on being in Sprinkles from time-to-time too.

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— Carol Calacci

Photos: Second City Style

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