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Yves Saint Laurent Small Uptown Patent Bag, $1895 @ BergdorfGoodman

Expected to shop no later than the end of August, the YSL red-grape patent leather bag arrives just in time for the fall season. And as we reported from NYC fashion week so many months ago, fall will inevitably bring a touch of melancholy to even the brightest Jill Stuart hues. The mood is somber, somewhat nostalgic and filled with just a touch of boredom and malaise. Thus, the Uptown Patent Bag. It avoids the outright boldness of black patent’s dominatrix disposition and doesn’t scream optimism like the bright 60’s-inspired summer patent bags. Instead, it’s demure lock and key flap and petite size are enveloped in a hue that blurs the boundary between lady-like and luscious– and making everyone just a bit curious about what’s hidden inside. –Joanne Molina for Second City Style


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2 thoughts on “Luxury. What I Love Today. Yves Saint Laurent Small Uptown Patent Bag. Second City Style Fashion Blog”

  1. I like to think that a girl holding a $2000 bag has at least that much inside her wallet as well 😉 A bag full of money sounds the most delicious to me. ha!
    But ys, falls colors are nothing short of yawn-worthy. The only glimmer of hope seems to be the rich brown, which can at least look exotic (if not new and different). Hopefully designers will wow us with unexpected flourishes in accessories to bridge the gap between what’s available and what we really want.

  2. Well, if someone wants to send the bag my way I’m not going to stop them (and they can kick in the dollars as well) 😉 Ha!
    But I know… I loved Jill Stuart’s electric bold blues but I can’t see everyone going goth this fall… you’re right.. i agree, accessories are going to be where it’s at!


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