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Just off the heels of Fashion Week comes this disturbing news…Girls Gone Wild has released a (gasp) contemporary apparel collection for men and women which launched at the MAGIC apparel convention in Las Vegas
yesterday. The line includes swimsuits, sweatsuits, sandals and tops.

I didn’t think Girls (who have) Gone Wild wore clothes so this is not only a revelation, but one would assume a joyous day for Britney Spears who now has this line of minimal clothing to compliment her Baby Phat.

From a press release: Founder Joe Francis begins his next venture,
crossing over into the fashion scene. While most take years to develop
an entire collection, Girls Gone Wild comes out with an impressive
launch of sportswear, loungewear, intimate apparel and swimwear.


Now, are you ready for this? Be prepared to split your sides…they are targeting "A" list boutiques and better
department stores! "The feel
of the collection is to mix quality fabrics and detailed designs with
edgy, youthful directional pieces." Retail price points for tops, $32
to $72; outerwear, $98 to $198; bottoms, $72 to $148.

Lord help us now. This is a sad day in fashion.

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