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We simply forgot. In the midst of Fashion Week we forgot all about Vera Wang’s anticipated Simply Vera line launch at Kohl’s which was this past Sunday. Obviously, others did not as the stock is pretty picked over in the few short days it has been available. Has anyone bought any? We don’t have Kohl’s here in New York City so we would love some feedback.

What is left is 30% off. At the very least the tights look like a great deal! Remember, think High-Low. I’m thinking a top or two might look great with some of my better pant suits.


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Simply Vera Vera Wang Plaid Ruffle Top Was $58, now $39.99

Simply Vera Vera Wang Pull-On Colorblock Dress was $128, now $88.99

Simply Vera Vera Wang Framed Clutch was $59, now $40.99

Simply Vera Vera Wang Pleated Pocket Skirt was $64, now $43.99

Simply Vera Vera Wang Opaque Control-Top Tights were $12 now $7.99

Simply Vera Vera Wang Flap-Pocket Pants were $54 now $36.99

Simply Vera Vera Wang Two-Toned Dyed Wrap was $38.00, now $25.99

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4 thoughts on “Fashion for the Masses. Simply Vera is Simply Already on Sale. Second City Style Fashion Blog”

  1. I have the flap pocket pants in black. They have a nice shape, are flattering and wear well. Just this morning I grabbed them in another color, before the sale ends.
    I don’t own any regular Vera Wang, but I’d compare the quality of the pants to Express or something on that level. They’re a nice basic to own, if not particularly luxurious or cutting edge. But they were a good buy for $37.
    I tried on the tipped knit tee and loved it, but waited and now it’s sold out (at least online, I haven’t been back to the store).
    I also tried on a few pairs of the shoes, but they didn’t feel well made.
    I’m curious to see if additional pieces will be added over time. Around here (Madison, WI) there’s not a lot of hype over the line. I saw many more women interested in the other sections of the store. But a few of us are buying, because the smaller sizes are disappearing.

  2. Kristine,
    Thanks for your comments! I wouldn’t think the quality is anywhere near normal Vera Wang, but saying Express says a lot. I saw Oprah had her on about this line, so now I am sure it will totally sell like hotcakes.
    I am going to try to check the line out at Kohl’s when I am next in Chicago (next month).
    Anyone else?

  3. I went back and found the tipped tee in the store. I love this shirt! It’s a rayon/spandex blend, so it’s very soft and swingy without being sloppy. It feels and looks wonderful. This was another steal, on sale for $26.
    The nice thing about having a local Kohls is that I can find some of the items which are sold out online. The bad thing is that I have to wade through the Christmas sweaters and sleeveless denim polo shirts to get them. 🙂
    I had sworn off Kohl’s until this line came along. I have to admit that it’s brought me back into the store.


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