Fashion Flash. People in the Know Slam "The Hills".


To be fair, The Hills is a mildly entertaining TV Show to some people. The L.A. glitz and glam and the attractive people starring in the semi-real drama make for a kaleidoscope effect. It’s eye-catching, lacks any substance, and yet it has a lot of people entranced.

The offshoot of which is… celebrity clothing lines. Lauren Conrad is pretty, people want to look like her, so its no surprise she has merchandise with her name stamped on it. From a money-making standpoint, it’s a pretty sound business plan; it’s Jessica Simpson post-Newlyweds come again. And actually, as SCS has pointed out before, LC’s somewhat sub-par designs are age appropriate and relatively demure compared to what some twentysomethings in L.A. are wearing. Which brings us to Heidi Montag‘s new line, Heidiwood. Following the debut of the Lauren Conrad Collection’s Paris-themed second season, which some critics responded to by saying they thought the models might be styled with berets and baguettes, Heidi used her hometown to inspire similarly simple-minded looks. Miss Montag won’t make you shell out a fortune for her items, but according to the Fug Girls at the New York Magazine, who took the clothes for an embarrassing real-life test drive, you’re getting what you pay for. In a nutshell, "No self-respecting grown woman should allow herself to be seen in these garments."


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The Fug Girls aren’t the only fashionistas giving Heidi and Lauren a hard time. The Prince of Fierce himself, Christian Siriano, summarily slammed them in Life&Style Magazine- "I mean, it’s fun and flirty and young, but they’re not innovators. None of them will ever be an innovative designer. Buyers and editors are looking for longevity, and hopefully they will see that in me." Even though Siriano was somewhat charitable with the "fun and flirty" admission, I think he gave a true and harsh criticism by saying the girls can’t be innovative. What’s he’s really saying is that they simply aren’t designers, and he hit the nail on the head. The ladies aren’t exactly busting any molds and probably won’t be around that long.

Ultimately, we can’t blame Lauren and Heidi for cashing in while they can, but we can blame people for paying to wear their styles. Personally, I wouldn’t trust the fashion sense of anyone who so cavalierly ruined an Alberta Ferretti dress by wearing it out to a Parisian night club and then leaving it on top of a hot curling iron. Did that bother anyone else in the first episode of this season? Come ON, Lauren! Oh well, it was probably scripted anyway.

-Hayley Wells

4 thoughts on “Fashion Flash. People in the Know Slam "The Hills".”

  1. This is so crazy I can’t believe Heidi and Lauren have their own clothing lines. I could see Lauren because that’s her major and she’s involved in the fashion world but Heidi come on. I think Heidi is just trying to get in she also had a single out earlier this year.

  2. Actually, I think they are all a joke, but Heidi is the worst for the reasons you mention. Hopefully no woman, child or tween is dumb enough to buy it!
    P.S. Heidi’s singing career is as big of a joke. I listened to her single…for about 30 seconds until my dog’s ears began to bleed.

  3. They are so ridiculous. I really don’t get that show. Its like a reality show except somehow the people in it have celebrity status. They’re polluting my tabloids which I steal from my roommate.


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