Fashion, Cocktails and Conversation with Roland Mouret

Designer Roland Mouret was recently in Chicago for a cocktail party and fashion presentation at Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue. This intimate event took place on Tuesday, May 22nd and was hosted by Danielle Robby, TV host and entertainment journalist. Mouret showed both his spring and fall 2018 collections, described the details and candidly answered questions from both Danielle and attending guests. Many of my own questions were answered as well before I got to met him.

Roland Mouret with models in Fall 2018 collection in Chicago at Neiman MArcus

I always thought of Roland Mouret designs as modern, structured, draped, mysterious and elegant. This is all true, but the man himself is very open and unassuming and the collection is very accessible for women of all ages. He said he just really loves people and age has nothing to do with who he designs for. He went on to say as we age, “We loose our youth but gain so much more.”


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Mouret likes a strong woman. He had to fight to get into the fashion world, and he sees and understands all women have to fight in their lives. Known for his draping, he explained his new love is tailoring, and he likes to see a woman in a men’s jacket, perhaps over a dress, because she is chilly.

What is Roland’s best fashion advice? “My best advice is to try. Challenge yourself on things you would never define as you. You may find a new side of yourself.”

As the son of a French butcher he set out to Paris to make a name for himself. He hung out at the nightclub of that era, Le Palace, as a way to meet people in high society. After ten years living for Paris by night, while working by day as a model, a stylist and an art director, Mouret moved to London where he had the desire to create a fashion collection. Mouret had no formal training, but he knew he had the precision to cut and the skill to drape.

Roland Mouret’s success as a fashion designer is very inspiring because he came into the fashion game late. When asked advice about getting into fashion he cautioned, “Loving fashion is not enough. It is really hard work and it is painful to be a fashion designer. It is not an easy job. It’s not like because you can buy it, you can design it. Be practical about fashion. Speaking for myself I design something because I know a certain person will wear it.” He also laughed and told us he has not had (nor the desire) time to go clubbing in years!

As for Mouret’s future he said, “I have had so many years to do what I want for me, in the future I want to give back. I already give to cancer charities, but I plan to do more.”

Roland Mouret Chicago Neiman Marcus 2018

Roland Mouret Chicago Neiman Marcus 2018 dresses

Roland Mouret dress detail Chicago Neiman Marcus 2018

Roland Mouret Chicago Neiman Marcus 2018 fall collection


Roland Mouret Chicago Neiman Marcus 2018 red and black textured dress


Roland Mouret and Carol Calacci Chicago Neiman Marcus 2018 fountain of 30

More cocktails and light bites were served and Roland met guests and stayed around for photos. After all, he once was a model!

Visit Neiman Marcus Chicago and shop Roland Muret at Neiman Marcus.

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