Fab Find! The Kate Boggiano Extra Long Tank Top

Kate Boggiano Niki Biki tank tops

Everyone at Second City Style is mad for Chicago designer Kate Boggiano's extra long Niki Biki tank top! It started with editor Rachel Yeomans who raved about them to Carol. Carol was so wild about them, she surprised me with the maternity version and I have to say…it's love.

For one, these tanks are super long. I'm not kidding. They don't hit you mid-belly even after a few washings. Two, they stay put. The 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex combination is light enough for comfortable summer wear and yet, they do not budge or hike up. Brilliant. Three, the color selection is amazing. Seriously, with 29 shades to chose from, you no longer have to go to American Apparel (not that we do) to find the perfect color or three.

KB_Tank_Top  KB_bigmaternitylightyellow


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Non-maternity vs. maternity…both brilliant!

At $16.95 a tank they may cost a little more than your H&M version, bit we promise you will be hooked too. Save $1 per tank when you buy three, and $2 when you buy 5 or more. This deal is for some reason only for the non-maternity version.

About the maternity version: we measured and really don't see a difference in the length so we are pretty sure it's the same top. However, it doesn't matter since it more than covers my expanding belly and the color selection is amazingly the same (ask any pregnant woman…we usually get ripped off on the selection).

Considering I am washing and wearing the black one Carol gave me to death (in fact I am wearing it as I type this), I plan to stock up on a few more while I'm in Chicago next week. You should too!

Kate Boggiano Maternity Tanks $16.95

Kate Boggiano Tanks $16.95

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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