Eric Daman Designs Under $50 Dresses for Charlotte Russe


Want to dress like a Gossip Girl but unfortunately, do not have the funds like Blair or Serena? Well, this isn't an article on buying Miu Miu or Marchesa on the cheap but at least you can have a little bit of glamour.

Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman has designed a collection a prom dresses for Charlotte Russe. The collection consists of eight styles and the best part? They are all under $50 bucks! And lest you worry because Daman assures that there is something for everybody. "My general inspiration was just wanting girls to look great and have fun with the dresses," Daman told Glamour. "And make sure there was something for every shape, style and taste."

The dresses will debut on on Monday. Even if you aren't going to a prom this year, every girl needs a good cocktail dress!

– Taneisha Jordan

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