Eight Trends for Winter 2010

As the degrees begin to drop one-by-one we shed a tear for each, but we must focus and prepare for the cool winds that will harshly gust against us much sooner than we think. With Chicago’s persistent promise of cold winters, we are aware of the we need to begin collecting to keep somewhat warm. Even though the white snow is pretty, most of us despise the arctic temperatures and want to walk around covered in a blanket. But we can’t be defeated and must continue looking fashionable! Do not let the snow win! Be sure to purchase one of the following trends and you will conquer this annual battle.


Celebrities legs, as those of Kim Kardashian’s, Miley Cyrus’s and Jenna Dewan’s, have already been hibernating in these unbelievably stylish niches—over-the-knee boots, also known as thigh-high boots. Complimenting, not only one’s height, but also any outfit known to humanity, these boots demand attention with a powerful force. They can be worn innocently with tights and an oversized sweater or fiercely with a fitted dress, exposing a tasteful amount of thigh, for a night out.


This next trend is all in thanks to Clark Kent and Little Red Riding Hood for their inspiration. Capes and cloaks have flown out from the comics and fairytales and are resting upon celebrities’ shoulders like those of Rosario Dawson’s and Eva Mendes’, serving as the perfect draping accessory. Either sporting a cape/capelet—typically cropped at the waist—or a cloak—lengthened to the mid-calf or ankle—this trend will represent elegance and make any outfit that lies underneath chic.



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Dramatic, oversized bows and ruffles are another trend that celebrities like Becki Newton and Shenae Grimes follow. Acting as an elegantly twisted accessory, this trend will not need much to be accompanied by, because even if standing alone in an outfit, it screams loud enough to be recognized.


Our rebellious passion will cause the trend of wearing leather to continue further. I can hear all your sighs of relief; we do not have to give up our seditious guises just yet! Keep accenting and transforming outfits Rihanna and Hayden Panettiere with this magical material from over-the-knee boots to jackets. Think of it as a trend within a trend and you can take care of two at once! Purchase other items from this style-list in leather and you can save yourself closet space and money!


The closest trend to resemble that oh, so cozy blanket we want to stay bundled in, is the oh, so equally comfortable, oversized sweater! This feel-like-you’re-in-bed trend, followed byWhitney Port,Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson, typically goes well with running errands during the day. Whether it be with a pair of skinny jeans, leggings, or tights, a jumbo sweater will look good with anything.


A more rugged trend, copying that of Catherine Zeta-Jones in “Chicago,” is the ripped stockings. Miley Cyrus and Shenae Grimes seem to wear these obsessively, noticeably for the added texture to any piece of apparel. The jagged stockings can be worn with anything from shorts to oversized sweaters; you just constantly need to think creatively!


Sheer attire will continue to be a breakthrough in winter, clearly with more material than those of the summer looks. Fergie, Halle Berry and Megan Fox follow this classy and tastefully sexy look. It allows us to feel comfortable when wearing the more revealing garments.  


An obvious item needed in our closets during the winter months are jackets, but be sure to keep at least one that is military-inspired in your closet. Beyonce, Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift all keep warm in the soldier-like jackets that can be completed with a pair of combat boots for a more rough appearance, or a pair of over-the-knee boots to dress it up. Source: Fashionising Photo Sources: The Insider, My Style, Extra, People -Heather Youkhana

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