Do You Hair? Discussing Spring Hair Color Trends With Sassoon Color Director, Hamid Latif


Carol and I have been going to Sassoon for our cut and color needs basically since we launched nearly 9 years ago. She still frequents Sassoon in Chicago, but I have moved (in case you didn’t know). Hamid Latif, Color Director at Sassoon Salon New York Downtown, has been coloring my hair since I moved to NYC nearly 6 years ago. I love seeing him because it’s like catching up with an old friend and he knows color! My hair has never looked better. I’ll admit I have cheated on him a few times, but only if I have to. Then I slink into Sassoon with a sheepish grin, but Hamid always figures it out…in about 3 seconds flat! As the color director for Sassoon, Hamid has to know the trends, but thankfully he bases his suggestions on what compliments his clients best. When I asked him about trying ombre about 6 months ago, he thankfully talked me out of it. It would actually be too much upkeep for me. I need highlights starting at the root to cover my (ahem) gray. Good thing, because not only do I believe ombre wouldn’t look good on me…I’m over it.
Hamid Latif
Hamid Latif
Anyway, clearly I have the opportunity to talk with Hamid about anything hair related, so I thought I would share with you our latest discussion about color trends for Spring ’13; SCS: What trends can we expect to see for color this spring/summer? Anything new and different we should know about? Hamid: This spring and summer will bring a softer side to contrast. We’ll see rich, solid colors that create illusions of velvety, opaque hues against lighter shades, similar to this brunette look from the Sassoon Salon Spring Summer 2013 collection, ICONIC (see picture at the top of this post). If you fancy reds, stick with hues that are of the bold, copper variety. This will produce a lighter, warmer feel than other hues, and copper shades complement most skin tones. I anticipate a lot of blonde hues as well. For natural blondes, embrace the look of the season and go bright. Of all the hair colors though, brunette beauties have the most room to play with dyes and chromatic details. Whichever shade you choose, it’s important to maintain the integrity of hair by getting glossy, conditioning treatments on a regular basis. SCS: What celebrities do you think have the best color right now and why? Hamid: My top picks for celebrity color this season include: Reese Witherspoon’s sun-kissed ends with a few deeper medium blonde highlights suit her skin tone really well; Madonna’s youthful buttery highlights add dimension to her silky layers; Julianne Moore’s signature hue of gold-based brick tone creates a timeless look; Rihanna’s darker roots add downtown appeal to her sandy mane; and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s veil of golden highlights draws attention to her party-ready smile. SCS:  If someone wants to make a slight change to update their color for summer, what do you suggest? Hamid: I definitely see a connection between warmer weather and lighter hair. This spring/summer, thebest bevy of golden hues incorporates a range of trendy touches. Transition your color to more neutral shades as opposed to extremely bold and brassy colors. A few face framing highlights will make you look younger and give definition to your cheekbones. To blend in greys, multi-dimensional hair colors are a better choice. For darker skin, deep brunette hues make you look sophisticated and your skin radiant. For lighter skin, opt for a darker blonde or a lighter shade to avoid looking washed out. SCS:  What do you think about the ombre trend? Is it on the way out or here to stay? Hamid: Ombre, which actually started in the 70s, embodies a hair fashion decade which saw a move away from the heavy use of perm and color and into a playing field of naturalist shades and signature hair styling. Eventually, the ombre look was eclipsed in popularity by highlights and full tints. However, Sarah Jessica Parker boldly sported the look again in the final episodes of ‘Sex and the City’. Then, last year, it seemed every starlet in Hollywood was rocking ombre hair. When a trend begins, people immediately come in to the salon wanting to know if it’s over. In 2013, I think we will see more natural and earth tones in hair, and with tons of celebrities still donning the ombre color look, I’d say it’s here to stay…at least for now. SCS: What is the best way to maintain your color? Hamid: The first key to maintaining your color is by not over shampooing your hair. I recommend washing hair every other day using sulfate-free products, such as Kerastase Bain Chroma Captive shampoo ($39) and conditioner ($41), which are less harsh on color-treated hair. Another great product is Kerastase Chroma Sensitive Shampoo ($42), which helps prevent fading for demanding colors. Accessorizing with a hat will also help prevent fading by limiting sun exposure, but when a hat isn’t an option, I strongly recommend using Kerastase Huile Celeste ($40). This lightweight, leave-in protective oil nourishes and illuminates the hair fiber for sparkling shine. When it comes to hair color, less is always more – do not over highlight your hair. Having your highlights done every two to three months rather than every six weeks will keep the hair natural and well maintained. In addition, enjoying regular, in-salon deep conditioning treatments – like Kerastase’s Fusio-Dose In-Salon Ritual $30 – will help keep your hair in optimum condition. Healthier hair maintains color much better than dry and damaged hair. Book an appointment with Hamid Latif at Sassoon .32 W 18th St., NYC. (212) 229-2200 and tell him Lauren sent you! – Lauren Dimet Waters

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