Decades Co-owner Christos Garkinos To Debut His New Clothing Line 'Eureka' On HSN

ChristosGarkinos_ComplexGrid_v2 If you are a Bravo TV addict like yours truly, you probably recognize Decades Co-Owner Christos Garkinos from the show “Dukes of Melrose.” Discovering amazing fashion pieces from around the world has been a passion for the self-proclaimed ‘Robin Hood of Fashion” for over 15 years having dressed over 13,000 people throughout his career. Christos has been lucky enough to rummage through some of the most fabulous closets in the world rescuing fashion, so if anyone knows what women want and what will flatter them, it’s him. He has taken some of the best elements he has seen to create a new 14-piece clothing collection for HSN aptly named, Eureka (what he exclaims when he happens upon a treasure) which he debuts tomorrow, March 20. The Eureka collection includes dresses, peasant blouses, skirts and pants, democratically sized from XS to 3X and 4-16, 16W-42W and priced from $49.90 to $119.90 (with a small accessory at $29.90.).


Christos explained to me he would spend countless hours watching Iman and other celebs sell on the channel and proudly confessed his first credit card (with a $200 limit) was an HSN card. So clearly this represents a career milestone as well as a chance to create clothing for a wide demographic of women. Christos prides himself on quality, and value, and something for every woman so his styles are both daring and elegant, combining old Hollywood glamour with worldly decadence. “I’m from Michigan and grew up among real women,” he said. “I really became obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren-type bodies.” He told me a funny story that when he was 15 he made his mother take him to the mall in Detroit to see Sophia Loren make a scheduled appearance. When she was waved at him, Christos was so starstruck he fell off the chair on which he was standing. “She was wearing this peasant blouse and all I can remember as I fell was this great peasant blouse.”
His sister Rene serves as the muse for his new line. “I would see something in someone’s closet and think, ‘This would be so great for my sister, but she’s a size 14.’” Christos made sure all the pieces in his collection would be designed to be figure-flattering and wearable whether a woman is straight or curvy which is quite a feat. Christos, looks forward to interacting with his fans on air with his sister Rene by his side. I will be tuning in because I am totally routing for him. Christos is a doll and I am proud to admit, I bought the patterned belted dress pictured above. My first purchase from HSN. Go me.
We had our photo taken with Christos during this past fashion week and again yesterday.
We had our photo taken with Christos during this past fashion week and again yesterday.
Eureka by Christos Garkinos for HSN – Lauren Dimet Waters

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