Christian Siriano for Payless

All Done Up Mary Jane Pump 

All Done Up Mary Jane Pump



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To the Point Printed Platform Pump 

To the Point Printed Platform Pump


Cut It Out Ankle Cuff Pump 

Cut It Out Ankle Cuff Pump


I was roaming the streets of Chicago the other day doing some shopping and I walked passed a window display in Payless. After passing it, I stopped and literally backtracked back to the display looking at it in complete awe. I have been in search for the perfect nude, sky-high pump, and there the shoe sat so perfectly.

Since when does Payless carry such gorgeously high, architectural shoes? Since the store is called Pay-less I raced in and held the shoe only to notice it was a design of Christian Siriano’s. I didn’t know if I was in the right store anymore, because when I looked at the price tag, $79.99, it didn’t match the stores name.

I walked out confused, the pieces of the collection seemed so awkward sitting in Payless. Yes, the shoe is not that expensive, but it doesn’t belong in Payless.

Your jaw will drop at some of the pieces of the collection, just as mine did. The shapes and patterns are simply magical! I might have to go back and get the All Done Up Mary Jane Pump because my shoe addiction wouldn’t have it any other way!

The clutches, handbags, sneakers, flats and heels range between $29.99 and $79.99. Check them out for yourself. Would you ever expect these to sit in the window display at Payless?

Image source: Payless

-Heather Youkhana

3 thoughts on “Christian Siriano for Payless”

  1. 80 bucks is a helll of a deal! hi ppl this is a designer we are talking about ! and i trust that 80 bucks is a good price because u arent just paying for the brand you are paying for quality, something most payless shoes lack so kudos to payless. i bet these shoes will last longer than a 19 dollar pair of heels youd buy from there. And if you think 80 bucks is a lot something tells me you lack fashion knowledge remember the magic word QUALITY! This is amazing thank u Christian ! most designers wld have nothing to do with payless.


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