Chicago Events: JIMMY Bar Launches at The James Hotel Chicago


Having recently returned to Chicago after two years in New York, I’ve found that my tastes have slightly changed when it comes where I’d go for happy hour spot after a long day, or take out of town friends to on the weekend. I no longer think that the noisiest place equals the most fun, or the amount of people crammed into a space is indicative to how memorable the night will be. On the contrary, I prefer my ambiance to be elegant, the demographic couth, and my drinks NOT served to be in a red plastic Solo cup. And keeping this short list of prerequisites in mind, the just launched JIMMY at the James Chicago may very well be my new favorite bar.
From renown nightlife and hospitality partners Larry Poston, David Rabin and Johnny Swetto, JIMMY at the James Chicago is billed as “an upscale, unpretentious environment to enjoy a progressive cocktail menu.” And indeed it is. The intimate space, designed  three-time James Beard award-winning designer, Thomas Schlesser, is a study in sleek modernity and old world gentleman’s club charm. Bronze surfaces and contrasting chrome details coincide harmoniously with warm earth tones and walnut paneling. The menu showcases an exclusive list of small batch and artisanal spirits, both local and worldwide, and creative cocktails include modern updates on classic drinks like the mojito, vesper, and julep. In other words, this is where you’ll want to be hibernating throughout the long Chicago winter.
And the best part is, (though it took us a minute to find it ourselves), the entrance to the bar is unobtrusively tucked out of sight in the back wall of the James Hotel’s new Burke’s Bacon Bar — a fun little sandwich counter boasting to-go versions of chef David Burke’s signature fare. But despite the fast-paced faux exterior, the inside of the JIMMY at the James Chicago was dark, quiet, and decadently luxe. Especially when sipping on a champagne cocktail called the Trophy Wife. See what I mean? New favorite bar. Hands Down.
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-Alia Rajput
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