Chicago Event: SAIC Swarovski Window Display Celebration

As I wove between the camera-clad tourists to make my way to Swarovski on Michigan Avenue Tuesday, I felt like telling people, “Follow me, there is something here in Chicago this evening that you should really see!” As I whipped out my own camera in front of the window display, those who were curious were intrigued by what I was photographing. A soft and gleaming flowerlike sculpture, part buglike, part ladylike and slightly out-of-this-world graced the window. These flowery bugs seemed to be gently dancing around wearing a variety of Swarovski crystals.
Detail of the SAIC Swarovski Window Display
Students of the Fashion Body & Garment Master’s Program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, mentored by Nick Cave, professor and chair of SAIC’s Fashion Design department, created this sparkling display in celebration of THE WALK 2012 and will be on-view through Monday April 16, 2012. Swarovski, offered its boutique windows as a blank canvas to the students as part of its Presenting Sponsorship of SAIC’s annual benefit gala and runway show, THE WALK 2012. A cocktail reception was held in the store to celebrate the completion of the window. What a perfect place for a party, as we sipped champagne, chatted and tried on sparkling Swarovski rings.
Nick Cave and Kritina Sparks
I had the opportunity to meet Nick Cave, and he explained the students were inspired by the spring Swarovksi collection and the season to make soft shapes that integrated with the crystals. Kristina Sparks is one of the Graduate students who designed the display. She was so stylish I had to talk fashion ask what designers she likes (besides wearing her own designs). She told me she worked at McQueen at Givenchy but gave credit to her first mentor, Nick Cave. Swarovski Chicago Flagship | 540 North Michigan Avenue | Chicago, IL 60611 –Carol Calacci Photos: Second City Style

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