Celebrity Style. Remembering a Sweet Star. Brittany Murphy (1977-2009)

An actress's untimely death is no cause for celebration. But we must pay tribute to Brittany Murphy in the best way we know how—through her clothes! 

Brittany Murphy evolved from girly romp to romantic femme. But her funky bohemian chic-yet quirky style in Clueless was in no way how she ended up in later movies. Movies like Sin City, 8 Mile, Uptown Girls, Just Married, and Riding in Cars with Boys catapulted her to stardom (even in minor roles) proved that she could wear it all…bubble gum pop, ultra risque, urban punk, girly frou frou, and sultry romance.


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And even at her last appearance, where she flaunted an unfortunately much too gaunt, yet fashionably fierce frame, she exuded class, style, panache, and a knowledge for what looked good and fit right on her tiny figure in everything from ruffled frocks to staunch leather boots to black shift dresses.  

Let's take this time to remember a sophisticated lady with a sweet and friendly air and  that took our breath away.  

It all started with Clueless, a fashion forward cult chick flick that had girls all over the world singing the praises of LA fashion and Calvin Klein.

Brittany was the bubbly brunette with the quirky boho look that told us it was OK to wear tucked in flannel shirts with denim short shorts even when you're not a size 0.

In 1999, she gave a more mature crazy chick, yet enviably girly performance in Girl, Interrupted and her sweater sets and flipped out do matched perfectly.

Outside the role, though, Brittany was growing up in front of our eyes and her suddenly sexpot style with a sweet twist, suited her stance. 

In 2001 and 2002, he was slowly trying to find her own style path. While it certainly made us stare, we applaud her for moving away from what we thought, at the time, was her element.  




Something must have happened to set her straight. As she upped the ante on the roles she received (romantic comedies like Summer Catch and Just Married and parts in movies that showed her skills like Don't Say a Word, Riding in Cars with Boys, and 8 Mile), Brittany's style displayed a woman who could try to take risks, but ultimately knows what she should be doing in movies and on the red carpet. 

Perhaps it was fashion friendly roles and salaciously sexed up characters in movies like Uptown Girls and Sin City that taught her how to cut a stylish pose in pink suit sets and frilly dresses or a laced-up bustiers and black leather skirts.


By 2007, she was a full-on fashion force to be reckoned with. Check out this ruffled satin wrap-around dress with poof sleeves at a Vogue party. It fits like a glove and cuts in all the right places.  


She made her way to New York Fashion Week that year for the Fall 2008 runway shows and her style proved she was finally getting it, even while an offbeat statement coat, two-tone shoes, and chain or golfer's cap, tarnished bomber jacket and jeans.



A purple dress with a unique high collar and floral rose print added a spring to her step and the fashion prowess of a girl who knows style that we had all been waiting for!

Brittany's last year was her skinniest, but it was also her most fashionably defined. A culmination of her fashion ferocity and faux-pas relaxed into a keen, classic style that was all her own.  


Whether it was white blazer with a summery print skirt and yellow round-toe pumps for a Blumarine flagship store opening in Coral Gables, Florida, an edgy look with a rocker tee, leather jacket and thigh-high boots to match, a jumpsuit cut sharply at the chest with a thick copper-colored belt, or her last photographed public appearance at the Tt Collection Pop-up Party where she flaunted a sculpted one-sleeve dress with a bow on the shoulder, Brittany seemed to discover her true fashion potential. 

Unfortunately, that promise was all cut short when she died young at the age of 32.

Brittany, your captivating style, talent, spunk, and sweet personality will surely be missed.

Photos: Chicago Metromix, Hollywood.com, Wireimage, Flisted.com, Iamthelostgirl.files.wordpress.com, Superiorpics.com

—Simona Kogan 



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