Celebrity Style: New Ways To Wear Tuxedos For Spring

For the woman who likes to look streamlined and classy, but totally trendy and slightly androgynous, playing with a tuxedo is key.  That’s why celebrities play up this look all the time, whether it’s wearing bow ties (yes, it’s been done, see Diane Kruger or Janelle Monae) or wearing a fitted blazer with tuxedo-inspired lapels.
These four celebrities are trying to find their own niche in a masculine-feminine world and they’re playing up tuxedos in a unique way. Whether that means colored suits or collared dresses, the menswear trend is hear to stay and it’s only getting better.
Kim Kardashian – Satin Draped Pants 
Starting the list with a girl that needs no introduction. Kim Kardashian‘s style choices, even post Kanye, are questionable to say the least. However there are times when she gets our attention in a good way. I don’t really believe deep V-neck and breasts flying are appropriate with a tailored suit, but it’s been done before. What wows me about this ensemble is that she kept it classic by keeping it one color, the jacket is so perfect, and those satin draped pants are a trend I’ve never seen before. I like it! Kudos to the gold-beige heels and clutch and the slicked side pony.

Emma Stone – Gray and Plaid 
Emma Stone knows the meaning of risk-taking and she also knows how to work a boyfriend blazer. I like this look because the blazer is longer than we typically see but it’s not over-the-top and it looks great on her. Throwback to the 80s, maybe? She picked a color that wasn’t the norm and she also went for plaid! I’m not sure if I would have worn this look to a movie premiere but it works for her and the Saint Laurent label is proving that it continues to be the master of the smoking jacket.
Kate Mara – Tuxedo Dress 
Now here’s a tuxedo trend you don’t see everyday. How about opting for a tuxedo dress? Kate Mara picked a vibrant color for hers, but it’s those gorgeous lapels that really stick out on this number. The red color and the short skirt and deep V-neck make the look ultra feminine and I like her beaded Dolce & Gabbana clutch. One thing I don’t like? Her hair. I actually don’t think it should be tied back. It’s short, so I would have liked to see it down and flowing. I think it would work better to wear a softer hair style to contrast the sleekness of the dress.
Fergie – Mixed Prints 
Leave it to Fergie to go for something craaazzy! She’s not afraid to mix prints, which she does here in this tailored suit, but keeps it graphic and streamlined with black and white only. I’m always a fan of blazers with sharp shoulders and she does that here too. There’s something graphic and bohemian and cool about this entire ensemble, including those bandannas hanging from her neck.
–Simona Kogan
Photos: People.com
Image Layout: Second City Style

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