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Do you remember where you were when Alexander McQueen died? I was at my job at a jewelry company, sitting at my desk and sneaking in a little personal time on this new thing called Twitter – it was all the rage among the fashion community and I wanted to be part of it.  I was scanning my reads for news about New York Fashion Week, since I was out of the country and couldn’t attend the shows. Suddenly, the untimely death of the talented McQueen spread across the Twitter posts like wildfire. Everyone was talking about it and I felt like I was there and feeling the reactions as they were happening live. It was the first time I ever witnessed a Twitter trend.
Unfortunately McQueen’s untimely death isn’t the only death in recent years the fashion community has had to face. This time it also spread like wildfire across the Twitasphere, which proves just how much impact this designer had. When we learned that L’Wren Scott had committed suicide, it was a shock to all, because no one saw it coming and because it was such a waste of immense talent. She even launched a Banana Republic collaboration that we had all wanted to grab a piece of.
Instead of languishing over her death, let’s celebrate the beauty of Scott’s life while we had her. Since I’m Second City Style’s in-house celebrity style expert, what better way to do that than showcase the way she transformed celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, and more with her outstanding gowns and dresses?
Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman was one of the first celebrities to really throw her weight behind L’Wren Scott as a designer. She wore Scott’s designs all the time – to the Oscars, to the Cannes Film Festival, to movie premieres – and she also regarded Scott as a dear friend. “She knows what aspects to accentuate in a woman, and is able to make you feel incredibly sexy and sophisticated when you are in one of her exquisite designs,” said Kidman. Kidman was a huge fan of Scott — wearing her solid colored designs often, and even opting for rare prints, which she did at a movie premiere during Cannes.
Sarah Jessica Parker 
L’Wren Scott had no bigger fan than Sarah Jessica Parker. At the Fashion Group International Night Of Stars event in New York City in October 2012, SJP wore a colorful L’Wren Scott frock that looked gorgeous with her Manolo Blahniks. Scott, who was also at the event, towered over her as they posed for pictures. She wore black. This wasn’t the first time SJP wore a L’Wren Scott number and it certainly won’t be the last. L’Wren Scott was honored with the Fashion Group International Lord & Taylor Fashion Oracle Award at the Night of Stars on that evening and we can certainly see why. “I think L’Wren has a extraordinary ability to make dresses that genuinely flatter a women,” Parker said. “She makes an unbelievably contemporary dress in a remarkably old fashioned way for all sorts of women and body types”.
Amy Adams 
The stunning and form fitting gowns of L’Wren Scott were no more apparent than on Amy Adams, particularly at the 2011 Oscars where Amy Adams happened to win Best Supporting Actress for her role in ‘The Fighter.’ L’Wren Scott = good luck charm? Perhaps. Regardless, Amy certainly made the right choice with the sparkly royal blue gown that flattered every curve. L’Wren Scott had many celeb followers who wore many of her amazing gowns, but this probably stands out as my most favorite Scott creation. The color is gorgeous, the sleeves are unique and it simply showcases Adams in the best possible way.
Julianne Margulies 
Most recently, Julianna Margulies wore a gorgeous L’Wren Scott jumpsuit to the set of ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ this past month. She looked absolutely divine but alas, there were no really good pictures that showcased the full length of that beautiful jumpsuit. In any case, it wasn’t Margulies’ first time wearing Scott. She wore her designs in February at the 2014 Writers Guild Awards. In 2010, Margulies donned a simple yet showstopping gown from Scott for the Emmy Awards that year. The gown looks black from afar but is actually navy blue and beaded with an incredible silhouette. Margulies wore the stunning creation well.
– Simona Kogan
Photos: Nicole Kidman, BecauseImfabulous.com | Sarah Jessica Parker, upscalehype.com | Amy Adams, Catwalkqueen.tv |Julianna Margulies, Fashionbase.com
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