Celebrity Style Smackdown. Who Wore It Best?

First of all, it’s another Battle: Hervé Léger. With how popular these dresses are, it’s no surprise they are doubling up on young starlets. So celebs, you better make sure you wear them right!

Heidi Montag vs. Vanessa Minillo



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Winner: Well, Vanessa has a natural advantage simply because this color looks better against her skin tone. But, we like the nude shoes and natural hair better than Heidi’s embellished heels and Playboy curls, too.

Also in Hervé Léger, Jenna Jameson vs. Blake Lively


Winner: If you can ignore the tranny makeup and tan, we’ve got to go with Jenna, in a shocking decision. The length definitely flatters the porn queen better than Blake’s shorter version (or is it just riding up?), and the t-strap sandals (though we love them) aren’t working for Blake here.

Blake’s Gossip Girl Co-Star, Leighton Meester vs. Lindsay Price in Zac Posen


Winner: Leighton by a long shot. Lindsay’s accessories are so random. Headband, hoops, and white flops? Just doesn’t make sense.

Leona Lewis vs. Leelee Sobieski in Roberto Cavalli


Winner: Leelee. If you’re gonna wear something as wild as this Cavalli dress, you might as well go ahead and take it over the top like Leelee! (The actress was also in the middle of a photo-shoot, which explains the extravagance of her outfit.) Leona looks like she’s trying to water down the look, with her simple YSL sandals, and it’s fine but nothing special.

Minka Kelly vs. Julianne Hough in Alice + Olivia


Winner: Well, we were going to take Julianne until we scrolled on down to her… cowboy boots? Well, those don’t go with the feminine frock, and they make Julianne’s notoriously long ballroom dancing legs look a little stubby somehow. It looks like she’s been playing dress-up with Jessica Simpson again! Minka wins by default!

Selita Ebanks vs. Mischa Barton in Mulberry


Sorry Mischa, but it’s pretty much impossible to look better than a Victoria’s Secret Angel in anything. Even though Selita wins, you still look good Mischa (for a change)!

Solange Knowles vs. Selma Blair in an Unhee romper


Winner: Selma. It suits her quirky style and is well-styled. Solange’s personal style is just about 10 steps over the line between quirky and tacky… She could surely make her way back onto the good side with some effort, but right now, Beyonce’s little sister is definitely stuck in tacky-land.

That’s it for this edition of the Smackdown. Agree? Disagree? Think we’re crazy? Think Hervé Léger dresses are totally played out?  Let us know or vote for yourself at People.com.

– Hayley Wells

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