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OK, it’s clear and established that Courtney Love has zero confidence in herself…or at least her appearance, but this latest massive plastic surgery overhaul has her looking like anybody BUT herself. Mind you, she looks good, just not like Courtney Love. Let’s take a look shall we?


Here she is at the Marc Jacobs show back on September 10 giving off a Goldie Hawn vibe. However, it’s a vast improvement.

Here she is (yes, it’s really her) on September 18 with Riccardo Tisci looking a bit like Amber Velletta.


Here she is on September 21 with Stella McCartney and Kate Moss (I wonder who is the worse influence?) looking like Madonna.

I wonder how long she will class it up this time? I can’t wait for the next round of plastic surgery. I wonder who she will look like then. My bet is eventually…Joan Rivers.

Photos: WireImage

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