Celebrity Fashion Smackdown. Who Wore It Better?

After the whole SJP’s-premiere-dress debacle, maybe celebs will start taking more care to not double up their outfits. But until that occurs… let’s see who wore it best!

Iman vs. Natalie Portman in Lanvin
Natalie! Who would have guessed that little Natalie could show up supermodel Iman? But when she showed up in Cannes in this number, she worked the purple ruffled dress better without stockings and with classic accessories.

Leighton Meester vs. Kim Raver in Versace
Winner: Leighton sets off the indigo gown with perfect white accessories. We don’t mind black and blue together, but Leighton defeats Kim in the hair and makeup categories, too!


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Sharon Stone vs. Mary J. Blige in Marchesa
Winner: Mary J. takes the crazy old broad down. Although we take issue with some of Miss Mary J.’s accessories (coughANKLETcough), we think the cut is more slimming and flattering on the R&B singer.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Sarah Jessica Parker in the infamous Nina Ricci gown
Winner: Although she was the third lady (that we know of) to rock this gown, SJP looks better than Lohan… and Lauren Davis! Nobody can beat Sarah Jessica in the hourglass figure game, and that’s what makes this dress work. Lohan was wearing the dress for a photshoot, and clearly the jacket and bouffant hair were added for editorial effect, but we think SJP probably would have looked better in it no matter how it was styled.

The Marchesa Battle:
Taylor Swift vs. Mary J. Blige vs. Maria Menounos

Taylor_swift Maria_menounos
Winner: We have to go with the youngest competitor in this battle royale! Taylor’s white version of the gown, with a classic up ‘do and simple jewels, works the best for us. Mary’s red gown clashes spectacularly with her bleach blonde bob, and Maria looks pretty in champagne, but Taylor takes the cake!

The Herve Leger Bandage Dress Battle Extreme!

First, Amanda Bynes vs. Christina Aguilera

Winner: Amanda by a mile. The sleek and simple styling beats Christina’s rock look with leather jacket and printed shoes. Also, what is going on with Xtina’s knee? Weird.

Now, Audrina Partridge vs. Heidi Montag, vs. R&B singer Cassie



Loser: Poor Audrina goes down twice in one Smackdown! Not that her body doesn’t look banging in the sexy dress… but Heidi rocks the same gown in a much more flattering color, and Cassie kicks both of their butts in the yellow version. When you wear a trendy designer, these are the consequences, Partridge.

– Hayley Wells

Photos: Wireimage.com, People.com

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