Beauty Buzz. Carol Alt Reveals 'Raw' Skin Care Line


We all know what healthy eating and raw foods can do for the body, but can it do the same for your skin? Well, model and actress Carol Alt thinks so, because she is taking her raw food diet and applying it to a beauty regime. She is launching a four-item skin care line called Raw Essentials to be carried exclusively on HSN starting next month (December).

While battering an illness Alt discovered what she considers "life-changing benefits" of eating raw foods. From her raw food experiences, she authored two popular books about living a healthy lifestyle, "Eating in the Raw" and "The Raw 50."


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Set to make its debut as part of a two-day preview on December 11, the Raw Essentials lineup features a Raw-Covery face wash, $35 for 4 oz.; Raw-Surection body wash, $18.50 for 8 oz.; Raw Juvenate Eye Recoup; $22.50 for 0.5 oz. and Raw Active moisturizer, $29.50 for 1.7 oz.

Alt said she believes Raw Essentials transcends natural and organic products with formulations that are made with raw ingredients — but they’re still designed for efficacy. Free of synthetic preservatives, formulations are created using a low-temperature production process that helps ensure the products retain key ingredients essential for brightened, healthy-looking skin, according to Alt.

Alt claims, "Everything I use in the products are in the same form they were in when found in nature, and haven’t been heated to the point where the molecular structure has been changed." 

Tune in to the special preview of RAW Essentials by Carol Alt on HSN  December 11 at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. and December 12 at 2 p.m. (all times EST).

– Kelley D. Woods, Beauty Writer

Source: WWD

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  1. She certainly is a beautiful testament to the healing and restorative benefits of eating raw, living food. If Raw Essentials can make you look like her, sign me up for automatic delivery!


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