Bonpoint's Innamorato…For Adults Only

A little over a week ago I was invited to high-end children’s boutique Bonpoint for a light breakfast and the opportunity to meet their Artistic Director, Christine Innamorato. If you are not familiar with the store or line, the clothes are beyond precious. The store at 805 Madison Avenue is like shopping in a French boutique. It’s only when you turn over the price tag of a beautiful sundress for a toddler that your jaw drops. $400 may seem outrageous to most, but we are talking the Upper East Side here. Then again I have two boys so I save what little ‘expensive’ clothing they have for really special occasions where only white food is served. Otherwise they are decked out in Ralph Lauren and Old Navy. If I had a girl, however, I might be singing a different tune. Bonpoint also has a beautiful teen line called YAM which I looked at briefly. What I really went to the breakfast to see was Innamorato’s well-edited and beautiful sophomore adult ‘women’s’ collection. Caught between chic and discretion,vintage and modern, elegance and insolence, Innamorato mixes her simple style with structured cuts for a refined and tasteful feminine collection. The line, which she designs with her daughter is simply stunning. There were about 5 items I would love to have in my closet and know that I could wear them for many years as they are the opposite of trendy. So now $500 for a dress for me does not seem as outrageous. Especially if I don’t grow! Here is a look at the Spring/Summer 2012 Innamorato Collection:


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I was completely smitten with this dress.
...and this skirt. It's Second City Style green! The cropped leather jacket peaking out behind the skirt was another favorite.
The Spring/Summer 2012 Collection
Unfortunately the Innamorato line is not yet available online. To find a store location near you visit: – Lauren Dimet Waters Photos: Bonpoint & Second City Style  

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