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Ron Robinson, a 20-year research and development executive for some of beauty's leading firms — Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., Avon Products Inc. and Revlon Inc., to name a few — had come to believe his role as a scientist and product developer was contributing to women's confusion about skin care products. He has concocted everything from anti-aging serums to acne fighters for the industry's and brightest marketers.

So, Robinson is addressing women's dissatisfaction with skin care products with The website he founded with a Silicon Valley technology expert, is dedicated to providing women (and men) with unbiased views and opinions of products, as well as advice on which items may actually target their specific needs.  He has interviewed hundreds of women across the country to find out why and how they make decisions to buy a product. Currently, the site offers members recommendations on facial and eye treatments. In the spring, it will offer color, foundation, concealer, mascara, lip, nail and body treatment recommendations. AndBeauty01 in the fall, hair treatments will be recommended.


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Beautystat, which launched the first week of January, has about 400 subscribers. Given the launch plan, Robinson estimates he will have more than 500,000 active members in less than a year. Each subscriber is encouraged to chat about his or her favorite products, and also to take part in some site queries. Most of the site's content– such as the The Buzz talks about everything from new products to trends.

That data collected on the site allows Robinson to best tailor the online experience to each individual subscriber, from product recommendations to targeted advertising. Each subscriber also must answer 12 short beauty questions upon becoming a member, another way Robinson can target info to each user.

Beautystat looks to grow substantially when it creates applications for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube, the Internet's major social networking sites. Mobile applications is where Robinson's dream of providing at-a-glance information for consumers has such large potential.

"What if you could get product info at point of purchase?" asked Robinson, who answered his own question by saying how many more women would actually make purchases if they could have unbiased opinions at their fingertips.

– Kelley Epps-Woods, Beauty Writer


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