Beauty Dish: Verve's Non-Surgical EyeRise™…a Dream Come True!

I initially visited Dr. Bracci at Verve Medical Cosmetics to have a little Botox pick-me-up after the birth of my son last month. I just couldn’t grasp having an infant and wrinkles on my forehead. I needed to look the part. So when Dr. Bracci and I met for my consultation he said what he really wanted to touch-up…were my eyes. Huh? My eyes? Holding a mirror he pointed out the sallowness and darkness of my eye area which comes with age. I love how you don’t notice something until it is pointed out and then it’s all you see! I was a little nervous. I won’t even do LASIK surgery. It’s my eyes and I only have the two. BOTOX and fillers in my face, I have no problem with, but messing with my eye area? More than anything I was afraid it would hurt.
Dr. Bracci explained his new technique, EyeRise™ was a procedure he had worked years on developing and perfecting. Essentially it’s a revolutionary eye area treatment using filler under and around the eye area to combat bags, dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and the dreaded wrinkles. No surgery is needed. In fact, this relatively painless procedure is done as quickly as having BOTOX using only a single point injection per eye. The technique utilizes a blunt point medical instrument called a cannula which is virtually painless and avoids the trauma and bruising of a needle. This blunt instrument applies a dermal filler to restore volume under the skin and allows for natural contouring around the eye. The result of EyeRise is a fresher and more natural appearance. Better yet, unlike most dermal fillers, this procedure can last up to three years. Well slap me silly and sign me up!

EyeRise Before & After (not me)

I’m not going to lie. I was pretty nervous (a fact that was not hidden to the doctor and nurse as they noticed my fists clenched and toes curled). After some numbing solution was applied he spent about 3 minutes on each eye. Yes, it felt rather strange, but did not hurt. He also gave me a little BOTOX between my eyes (the 11’s), but not my forehead as he wanted me to look natural.
I immediately liked Dr. Bracci when he explained to me, he looks at cosmetic procedures the same way artist would (he calls himself a cosmetic injectables artist) and won’t do something that will make patients resemble a Housewife of Beverly Hills. If he does not agree with a patients request, he won’t perform the procedure. If they don’t like it, they can leave and go elsewhere. He feels it would jeopardize his name if someone looked like a freak and then told their friends the doctor that did it! Therefore, I felt a sense of calm and did not argue when he didn’t want to numb my entire forehead.
I noticed a difference immediately, but was a little red so I left the office wearing my large sunglasses. However, by the time I got home an looked in the mirror, I really liked what I saw. Three days later I LOVED what I saw. I look well-rested, which is a feat considering I have an infant and am lucky to get 4 hours of sleep. I also look like I did 10 plus years ago when it comes to my eye area. I had no idea this procedure that took such little time and was non-invasive could make such a vast and subtle difference in my appearance. I lust admit, I also love the comments I am getting from friends and family telling me how good I look. Well now everybody knows my secret!
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– Lauren Dimet Waters
FTC Disclosure: Treatment received for review.

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