Beauty Buzz: Theodent Luxury Toothpaste

I can’t believe I am going to write about toothpaste, but I’m going there. Especially since this toothpaste is as yummy as it’s packaging is cool. Theodent is a new luxury toothpaste that’s main ingredient is derived from chocolate. Sweet, right?

Theodent is fluoride free and it’s key ingredient is non-toxic Rennou which is extracted from the cocoa bean. Research shows the extract is more effective for strengthening and rebuilding tooth enamel than fluoride which is a hallogenic and not great for you in large doeses. Basically, there has been no alternative to fluoride in almost a century and Theodent’s technology provides the first viable, all-natural and only alternative to fluoride. While fluoride merely effects the solubility of hydroxylapatite- the mineral that teeth are comprised of, Rennou actually catalyses the crystallization of new hydroxylapatite (formation of new tooth enamel). So in non-scientific terms, Theodent literally regrows your tooth enamel every single time you use it. Theodent, which is completely nontoxic and cruelty-free, also tastes amazing! The flavor is crystal-mint (though a chocolate flavor is in the works) and the paste in the pretty brown and gold packaging is available at Whole Foods Markets across the US and for $9.99. There is also extra-strength version, Theodent 300 which retails for $99.99 (which I did not try) and is available only via request on Now you really have a reason to smile! Theodent Luxury Toothpaste, $9.99

– Lauren Dimet Waters


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Disclosure: Sample provided for review.


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