Beauty Buzz. No More Whale Tails: Hip T to the Rescue! …and Giveaway!!

Hip-T_Banner_Ad_1 We have all found ourselves pulling up our pants because our jeans have slid too low, and/or pulling down our shirt to cover our underwear. Maybe our low rider jeans just went "too low". We know how annoying that can be within the course of a day, and there is the perfect solution for our problem! We now can cover our 'girly assets', and protect our rear view accidental pantie peeks.We have Hip-T to the rescue!


The Hip-T is a stretch fabric worn over your jeans and under your shirt that creates layers without the t-shirt tangle, for a comfortable and stylish way of covering your assets! Hip T comes in a variety of styles and colors to match any wardrobe, and promises to avoid these fashion crimes: " An unwanted game of thong peek-a-boo!," The Plumber's crack" "and the dreaded "Muffin Top.


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Basic_whiteUpon the first time wearing Hip-T, I couldn't help but notice the confidence in wearing my clothes.No more accidentally belly showing, and rear pantie peeks. The Hip T was very comfortable, very stylish and added another dimension to my wardrobe.I can wear this everyday, for the extra support  and the sleekness it gives to my clothes. No more worries over here from too much 'personal' exposure.

Solution_12If you are tired of pulling and tugging on your shirt, and giving accidental peeks, try Hip T! , $15-95 – $19.95

                               Hip-T Giveaway!

Hi-T is offering 2 Second City style readers the chance to win a hip-T for herself. To enter, just go to the hip-T website and tell us your favorite styles and color of hip-T, and other colors and styles you may want to see in a hip-T. Come back and share with us by leaving a comment and  you will be entered to win a hip-T of your choice (in-stock styles).

We must receive all entries by Monday, March 16th, 2009. Must be U.S. or Canadian Resident to win.  Thank you and good luck!



Photo source:

Kelley Epps-Woods, Beauty Writer


3 thoughts on “Beauty Buzz. No More Whale Tails: Hip T to the Rescue! …and Giveaway!!”

  1. I like the black lace hip-t, i think it would give my fitted T-shirts and jeans combo a nice upgrade without being too busy. I think it would be cool if they had more prints, and something classic like black and white polka dots would go a long way. They would be so great with any solid colors!

  2. I really like the Basic in White and Charcoal Gray. Anyone could get a lot of use out of these two.
    A great addition would be the lace options in more colors.


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