Aveda's Full Circle Recycling Program To Launch Country-Wide


Ever wonder what happens to the empty shampoo bottles you throw away or recycle? With Aveda’s new Full Circle recycling program, you won’t have to worry that containers might wind up in landfills. Beginning July 15, the program will also ensure the reuse of old containers, eventually turning them from reusable materials into new Aveda packaging and accessories. Teaming up with g2 revolution®, Aveda aims to eliminate the waste that is created from their packaging, which isn’t accepted by some municipal curbside recycling programs.
Guests will be able to bring containers to 107 Aveda Experience Center retail locations in the U.S. After a successful pilot program in Colorado from 2011-2012, which reused 98% of the materials received, imagine what a difference a country-wide campaign will do!
Head to Aveda.com to find the retail location nearest you.
– Tanisha Wallis

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