The Way To Go High Low: How To Do Plaid & Not Look Like a Lumberjack

There’s no denying that there’s a special bond between the autumn season and plaid. I mean, it’s not really officially fall until we have donned our favorite checkered scarf or sweater, right? Plaid is just a part of autumn as is apple picking, pumpkin patch explorations and the rustic changing of the foliage. However, the tartan pattern can be quite polarizing. One wrong move and you can go from style darling to lost lumberjack

The Way To Go High Low: The Must-Have Shirtdress For Fall

Let’s face it. We’ve been secretly borrowing items from men’s closets for years. Boyfriend jeans, button-down tops, and even the Le Smoking tuxedo. These were all inspired by all-star pieces from men’s fashion. There’s one piece in particular that’s also a really big trend right now: the shirtdress